Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MythFX.... Need I say more?


* 3-way clipping hard, soft, bypass (ger/sil/bypass)
* master volume knob for high gain at low levels
* multi-gain stage design w/indie control knobs
* 100% analog circuitry
* handmade in the USA
* compact, rugged, powdercoated enclosure
* highest quality components 
* true bypass
* bright LED
* durable graphics (will not peal, scratch or fade)
* minimal volume change when switching clipping

Merrimack, New Hampshire
Builder: Brian Champigny
Years In The Game: 4/ electrical engineer of 13
Websites: www.mythfx.com - www.myspace.com/mythfx

On my pedalboard lies a tiny little monster with the soul of a hot-rodded Plexi Marshall capable of devouring dead silence with it's rich harmonic war cry. This miniature tone god is the MythFX Minotaur, an all analog high quality component overdrive/distortion that can take you from classic rock rhythm tones to high gain screaming banshee leads. If there's one kind of effect I've owned many of and have gone through time and time again it's overdriver/dist boxes. It's the one stompbox sound we're constantly on the hunt for and always swapping out of our boards. Why, why the hell is this? I'll tell you why. Lack of versatility. We have to use up to 2 or 3 sometimes to fill the entire depth of our sound, taking up loads of board space. There are many one trick ponies out there that will hand you one great overdrive tone, but finding one with many voices that can help save pedalboard space is nearly impossible. Well my friends I'm happy to say that is no longer an issue with me since my discovery of the MythFX Minotaur. Dialing in some of my favorite tones with this pedal is a breeze, I can get my Neil Young crunch, Stones grit, SRV solo tones and Van Halen drive all from this little badass box. When you first see it you might think there is no way the itty bitty knobs aren't gonna be able to hold where you them to, then you plug it in and find out it damn near impossible to get it to sound bad. The pedal ships in a black velvet pouch inside a small box, very classy looking and well built. The Minotaur's control layout is - Pre-Boost, Gain and Volume knobs, and a three way toggle switch that gives you Silicon, Germanium, or Bypass clipping modes. The different blend of clipping options, pre-boost and gain give you a wide selection of tones. Pedal power can only be achieved by a standard 9v DC  2.1 mm negative tip power adapter, for less battery waste. The pedal offers you three different types of overdrive and distortion in one tiny box. Switching the toggle to the bypass clipping mode and using the pre-boost gain to drive the 2nd gain stage gives you an unbelievable amount of volume and distortion without the diode clipping. You can add in Hard or Soft clipping with the toggle switch, and unlike other pedals when you switch between the two you don't loose your volume level. Brian put a ton of TLC into this pedal, his many years of electrical engineering and choice of high quality components have brought onto us a timeless classic. Brian's building technique is unlike anyone else's I've come across, he has a special ear for tone and an killer eye for sleek design. The Minotaur along with his brand spankin new Midas Clean Boost make up a solid duo, and with everything his pedals can do you'll be saving much needed board space. The Midas is now available and the Minotaur is now offered in burgundy powdercoat. Look out for a Midas Clean Boost review and demos for both pedals in future posts. For more info on MythFX pedals click the MythFX Link on the side or visit the websites. 

(The Dynammic Duo Midas & Minotaur)
www.mythfx.com - www.myspace.com/mythfx

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