Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let us hit you with a double from Wilson Effects

Our good buddy Kevin at Wilson Effects has finished his amazing new Ten Spot Version 2 Wah. The Ten Spot 2 is Kevin's take on the super cool Ibanez WH-10 gray version wah. It is an exact replica of the old school Wh-10, carries all the kickass characteristics, only without the cheapo parts. The pedal is friendly to both bass and guitar with a flick of a switch, sports a Depth knob that blends in the signal, and knocks out a heavyweight boost. Like all Wilson Effects pedals the build is spot on, heavy duty and high component. For info on the Ten Spot 2 you can go to the Wilson Effects website. Kevin is taking names for a waiting list for his new pedal. 

More news from the Wilson camp is the Standard and Adjustable Wahs have been discontinued. But there's a new kid in town folks....The Signature Wah! Named after the infamous  Clyde McCoy signature wah. The new Wilson Signature wah was tuned and built to the exact specs of the old favorite, produces a sweet vintage vibe, and is tagged with an affordable price. 

Here are some demos from Kevin for both the Ten Spot 2 and the Signature wah. Can you dig it!

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