Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Fuzz Box to end all Fuzz Box's?

:::Fuzzie Bro:::
Auckland, New Zealand
 Builder: Paul James

My buddy Paul James is putting New Zealand on the map with his incredible fuzz boxes and amplifiers. I was doing some surfing on Myspace about a year ago when I came across the Fuzzie Bro and the Pedals page. I thought to myself right away "What a killer name for a pedal company, they gotta be building some cool effects." And I was right. If you're looking for fuzz, all out fuzz and more fuzz, Fuzzie Bro is the place that'll scratch your itch. Pictured above is one of Paul's mighty creations, believe me when I say this, when you listen to the demos or get your hands on one of these boxes you'll agree this ain't your daddy's fuzz box. Somehow Fuzzie Bro has figured out a way to maintain all the qualities of our favorite classic fuzz boxes and yet still add his own modern touch. Sometimes the touch is extreme, but the difference between his version of extreme and some others is that his ear is blessed with the ability to hear what's tolerable, classy, usable and most important what's musical. I shot Paul an email a few days after discovering his pedals asking about his work and his pedals in general. I got a kind message back from him telling me he'd be more than happy to shoot one out to me as soon as he could build one. I gotta tell you guys, there's nothing better than a new pedal coming in the mail, but even better is having the chance to own something different and unique, which is what I live for. It took about a week or so to receive my Fuzzie Bro pedal, pretty damn fast it coming from New Zealand and all. When I opened the box I was stoked to find what Paul calls his Goldtone Fuzz. The Goldtone is a small pedal with one knob, an in and an out, when you know what you're doing there's no need for bells and whistles. WOW WOW WOW! Was all I could say the first time I plugged it in (and I did while sitting in my apartment alone that day), I was blown away by the golden tone it screamed. The warmth and clarity in each note and chord I played was music to my ears, and when you love music as much as I do nothing else can be better. Like all of you when you first get a new toy I too cranked it as loud as I could and went to town knocking out my favorite chords. We all have those special chords we love playing with fuzz pedals that we sometimes can't get to sound just right, well I was in heaven. The Goldtone's ability to clear up with the rolling off of my guitars volume was another treat, I was almost afraid to try it having not being able to achieve this with other fuzz boxes in the past. I saw exactly why Paul decided to only work one knob into the pedal, he had landed a great sounding tone and he wasn't about to spoil it with a bunch of knobs and switches. I'm happy to report that the Goldtone was featured on my bands e.p. and hopefully I will be able to share the sessions tunes with you guys soon. I tell you this, if you're looking for something that'll get the jog done, sound fantastic while doing it and not be just another no frills fuzz box at the same time, Fuzzie Bro pedals all the way! I don't know much about Paul's amps other than I'm sure if he pays as much attention to detail as he does his stompboxes they have to be great. I know he has some audio demos of his amps and some of his pedal on his Myspace page, go check them out and get yourself a fuzzie. Paul my friend I thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the rest of us and I hope you build your killer devices for a long long time. 

You can visit the Fuzzie Bro and the Pedals myspace and website -

If you have any questions or would like to order yourself a pedal email Paul at


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