Sunday, February 15, 2009

Microtono Analog Effects.... Coming at you from Argentina

(Microtono Shimitoy Octafuzz)

Microtono Analog Effects is the tone child of Diego Gomez, a stompbox loving Argentinian with a talented hand for building, and a wicked ear for tone. What started as a hobby to build effects for himself and his friends, has turned into a passion to bring us some of the sweetest tones in the boutique effects pedal market. Microtono pedals have found themselves as far away as Chile, Spain, Mexico, Bolivia, and Uruguay. They're also starting to land in the good ol' USA, and by the looks of things it won't stop here. In less than two years of building effects Diego found the demand for his pedals becoming so high he had no choice but to go into business. The combination of his passion and demand have turned out some interesting devices and timeless classics. Always having a special place in his heart for things built in the late 30's to mid 50's, whether it be radios or cars, amplifiers or furniture, has given him a vintage touch to the way he goes about making his designs. But he keeps an open mind, creating a line of pedals that evolve into different flavors of themselves, always trying to offer alternatives to what is already available. Microtono's effects are all manufactured in-house, built by hand, and with the highest components available. This cautious, detailed labor makes each pedal unique and beautiful, that's right I used the word beautiful. These pedals scream class and quality, from the logos, graphics, chicken head bakelite knobs, nickel plated screws, true bypass switches, shellac finished wooden enclosures, snap-in battery connectors, sturdy rubber bottom plates(no slipping and sliding), chrome LED covers...all the way on down to the tone. They're even shipped in a killer wooden box, you can't go wrong kids, no sir you can't. For more info on Microtono pedals go to  -  or click the Microtono logo in our links list.
Coming Soon!! a review and demo of the Microtono Doctordrive II 

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