Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Everything it touches turns to gold...

Clean Boost

 *100% Analog Circuitry
 *Class-A Mosfet Design
 *6-32dB of Clean, Transparent Boost
 *Full Frequency Response
 *High Impedance Dynamics Preserving Input
 *Compact Enclosure (3.6"x1.5")
 *Internal Voltage Booster (for mucho headroom)
 *Powdercoated Aluminum Enclosure & Rugged Construction
 *Highest Quality Components
 *Anti-pop Switching
 *True Bypass
 *Bright LED
 *Durable Textured LEXAN Graphics
 *Handmade in the USA

One knob, one switch, one killer fucking tone! I just got the new MythFX Midas Clean Boost and let me tell you my friends, this little devil offended me in all the right ways. In my twenty years of playing music I have come across many many boost pedals, some of them fancy, some of them not. Lots of them offering this that and the other thing, with bells, whistles and the whole nine yards. But when you sit down and think about it a booster should only have one purpose...to boost your tone. The Midas does this, and has a few more tricks up it's sleeve. The pedal itself is very simple, it has a knob and a switch, and knocks out anywhere from 6-32db of pure clean boost without worry of losing your guitar's tone. If you're like me and you work your ass off dialing in your tone you know how important it is not to lose your punch, dynamics, harmonics and clarity.  The pedal runs on a standard 9v AC adapter, but the cool thing about the Midas is the internal voltage boost circuit which delivers a ton of headroom. The high impedance input and high quality components will preserve your picking dynamics, keep your tone in check, and have your amp singing and screaming till the break of dawn.

Roll the knob up full blast to push your amp into overdrive/dist, use it to liven up and boost your effects pedals or long effects chains, cut through any mix, boost and match levels for low output pickups, and my favorite....crank it and ride your guitar's volume knob for chorus's, solos, and anything else your hands can think of. Come rise above into the golden age of tone.
For more info on MythFX pedals click their logo in our links,  go to www.mythfx.com or visit the myspace  page at www.myspace.com/mythfx

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