Thursday, February 26, 2009

In The Jingle Jangle Morning...


The new release of the JB2... clear cut jangle and chime, with a twist of bright focus and floating definition. There was a time not so long ago when I left all that had to do with compression up to the engineers in the studio, I saw no way to capture good compression in live situations so for years I just said to hell with it and went without it. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of great pedals out there that do the job and do the job well, it was my lack of knowledge in the effect that kept me from using it. Well a few months ago I had a run in with Steve Lasko's Janglebox version 1 while working a session, the box was unfamiliar to me but it caught my attention non-the-less. I plugged my semi-hollowbody into it and was shocked at the sound that was coming out of the amplifier, that particular guitar I had always had trouble getting a balanced, defined sound out of, within minutes I was hooked to compression in a box. So I did a little research on the Janglebox and discovered there was quite a buzz going around about it. Cats like Roger McGuinn and Mike Miller (both of whom have had a major influence on me) were using it today to achieve their signature classic tones. I thought there was no way the JB could be improved, I was wrong. The JB2 is capable if delivering the same studio quality compression as the first, has some new features that'll benefit your overall tone, and most importantly it's still built in the US with the same high quality parts and components. It's also loaded with it's own separate true bypass treble booster switch, adjustable gain and EQ knobs, and each switch lights it's own color LED to keep things easy while working on those nightmare lit stages. The new pedal is housed in a roomy, sturdy box which works perfectly for stomping in adjustments on the fly, no crammed knobs or switches here folks. But the real kicker is how easy it is to get a killer sound out of it, whether you're using it as a straight up compressor, clean boost, treble boost, or boost on boost. The overall balance and weight it gives your strings is addicting, once you use a compressor of this quality you'll never want to go without one. Now I might've not been around for The Beatles and The Byrds, but if you were to ask me to describe their tone I could tell you in heartbeat...The JB2! The missing link of your tone.

The new Jb2 is now available on the Janglebox website. Click the logo in our links to go directly to their website. Enjoy!

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