Friday, November 6, 2015

Xotic Effects New Limited Edition Pedals

Contact your nearest Xotic dealer to order: 

Xotic Effects announces the release of the new Limited Edition RC Booster Scott Henderson model.  This package will be limited to only 1,500 chrome and 1,500 copper pieces worldwide! 
Designed in conjunction with jazz fusion and blues guitarist Scott Henderson, the RC Booster will come with a free download card of Scott's new CD "Vibe Station" and certificate of authenticity along with special packaging.
Same as a regular RC Booster
Chrome editions will ship on 11/20 and Copper editions will ship in December to Xotic dealers all over the world.
  • Channel 1 Gain, Channel 2 Gain, Treble, Bass and Volume configuration
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Can be powered with Battery or 9/18 volts power adapter
  • Gain 1 or 2 footswitch, Bypass footswitch
  • Compact chrome or copper case
  • LED Indicators

Thursday, October 1, 2015

News and Updates. Oct 2015

New from CE Distribution 
ApexTM Tube MatchingTM

CE Distribution is pleased to announce Apex Tube Matching - a new proprietary state-of-the-art power tube matching system. ApexTM Tube Matching is performed entirely in-house on our brand new custom-built tube matching system using our custom-designed software testing and matching methodology. What this means is we are not matching your tubes on inferior matching hardware or using outdated equipment. Rather, we are using state-of-the-art equipment designed and built to our specifications using our years of experience in the music industry. Our systems are highly robust and extremely accurate, measuring current and voltage to provide the best possible matching for our tubes. These systems are a result of many, many years of experience and an incredible amount of planning, design, prototyping and testing, resulting in the best tube matching available in the entire industry. We know you'll find our tube matching exceeds your expectations in every way! Power tubes are electrically matched so each tube will have the same amount of “idle” plate current and amplification characteristics when plugged into an amplifier. This is done so the tubes can work together in your amp giving you optimal sound quality and tube longevity. Matched tubes also receive extra quality checks to reduce the possibility of getting a faulty power tube that may have slipped by the manufacturer. ApexTM Matched Tubes are a product of CE Distribution, LLC and are available exclusively through CE Distribution and its authorized retailers. For more detailed information, please visit.


New From MOD tm Kits DIY
The Suspended Chime

The Suspended Chime pedal kit is the first multiprocessor kit offered by MOD tm Kits DIY. The Suspended Chime has two effects in one pedal - chorus and chorus/delay. 

The Suspended Chime features a blend knob which allows you to go from subtle to lush chorus effect in either setup. Using the selector switch, you can add a 190 millisecond delay to the chorus introducing special depth to your tone. Varying the dry/wet mix can fatten your rhythms or produce a shimmering 12-string sound. The Suspended Chime kit comes equipped with an LED indicator and industry standard 9 volt center negative power jack.

MOD tm Kits and Assemblies are designed to give novice and experienced musicians the opportunity to build or modify their own amps, effects pedals and guitars. All kits come with easy to follow instructions and use pint to point wiring. All effect oedaks abd amplifiers come with a pre-drilled enclosure and all necessary parts are included. All you need to provide are hand tools, a soldering iron and solder. The effect pedal operates on a 9V battery for longer lasting option. A 9V adapter can be purchased separately.

For  a complete listing of kits available and sound samples from MOD tm Kits DIY go to the link below.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Who Said Fuzzing Wasn't Easy?

Vintage FX is one of the first pedal companies I got friendly with when I first started my blog. It quickly became a favorite and I even served on their artist roster back when I was still gigging religiously. Dave Archer has a passion for building these little boxes that rivals anyone in the scene. I mean anyone who's down to work with The Warlocks (Heavy Deavy Skull Fuzz) is way too cool for school! Below is his take on the very popular and super hip Mosrite Fuzzrite, a pedal that dates back to the psychedelic days of the 60's. I've used this pedal on my boards for heavy gigs and every time it's turned heads and popped cherries. When plugging into a fuzz box it's got to be serious biz and even more serious fuzz... this pedal meets those qualifications with flying colors.



  • Machined aluminum knobs
  • Sturdy 1590BB style enclosure
  • Super bright LED indication
  • True bypass - 3PDT switch
  • Third stage added for increased volume/sustain
  • Silicon/Germanium hybrid
  • 9vdc Standard style adapter jack
  • Based of the Mosrite Fuzzrite of the 60's


There's nothing like a simple great sounding fuzz pedal. One without complex or odd controls, simple to use, and delivers when it counts the most. The Fuzzriot is probably one the easiest plug-in-and-go fuzz pedals I've ever encountered. It's as easy as grabbing your favorite guitar and finding the amount of grit'n'grime you want, dial in the tone, and match levels to your jam session or show. I was fortunate to have had the chance to gig with this pedal a number of times and used it in some recording sessions as well. My go-to guitar is and always has been my Tele with neck humbucker, but the Fuzzriot really sounded amazing through Strat's, Les Paul's, and P90 style guitars! Going through the controls you'll notice it's pretty freaking easy to figure this pedal. The Volume knob regulates the amount of output you want from the overall sound of the pedal. The Tone knob is actually really special! Sometimes fuzz boxes can slightly color your tone both in the bright and low areas, sometimes this is wanted and sometimes not. The tone control on this pedal gets you right where you need to be without stealing the tone you've worked so hard to get, but it can send you off into new adventures with just a twist of the knob, matching or making your tone something different. The Depth knob is superbly killer. Dave created this pedal as a germanium/silicon hybrid, meaning the fuzz effect is tight and blurty as hell. I enjoyed using this pedal in low depth levels already in some sort of mild overdrive. This gave me the perfect rhythm guitar sound for kickass rock and roll tones. It sounds great in a band setting pushing the bass player's sound and doesn't cut through the vocals or drowns out the drums. In higher fuzz levels this pedal can hijack a room and send jam sessions and gigs into a spiral of psychedelic bliss. There's a sustain you get from this pedal that seems top last forever, blend it in the right and you got something really epic. Higher fuzz levels can be easily manipulated and can be bent to create the strangest undertones, screeches, and howls. It's all good! Grab your favorite guitar and amp, plug in and play, enjoy and create. God bless this silver little box. 

For more info on the Fuzzriot and Vintage FX go to or just click the banner!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Green Forrest Comp - Making the world a better place

There's a reason why the Mad Professor has been around so long. I imagine some long white haired old man sitting behind a collection of giant fluorescent tubes and lightening, creating taboo music devices for the masses. With every new invention he'd hoop, jump, and click his heels as if to have lost his mind. Then presto! The perfect pedal. And it's that easy my dear readers.


Forrest Green Compressor

* Supply Voltage Range: 9 to 18VDC 
* Current Consumption @ 9VDC: 14ma
* Input Inpedance: 1 M Ohm's
* Output Impedance: 20K Ohm's
* True Bypass: Max input -10dBV Ohm's - Hardwired true bypass
* Level: Comp Mode controls overall level and can be used as booster. Sustain Mode controls sustain
* Compr: Sets the amount of compression and sustain
* Tone: Used to fine-tune compressed sound with great transparency
* Comp/Sustain Switch: Comp Mode standard compressor - Sustain Mode attack sustained for great dynamics


So any compressor addict is gonna know the origins of the magnificent pedal, but for those of you a little newer to the game the Forrest Green Compressor is the cousin of the super popular and limited numbered BJFE Pine Green Comp. Like the it's kin the FGC is very transparent and packs the ability to deliver insanely cool dynamics. You can get boost capabilities with this pedal but where it really shines is in it's compression talents. I got to put this pedal through a few of my favorite amps and guitars, the outcome was short of perfection!

By far the best combo was a my modded Fender Deville and Tele with neck humbucker. I'm a big fan of the spanky Tele sound and this pedal was able to take it to another level. Most compressors will drain your sound of dynamic and feel, which makes your playing suffer. The FGC beautifully kept my dynamics intact while at the same time tightening and creating blooming chords. Another area this pedal thrives in is in it's ability to keep your original tone transparent and true to the core. A lot of compressors tend to eat away at your tone when cranking them up or blending them with certain amps tones and other pedals. I have a sound I've created called The Screaming Banshee which consists of a great compressor and a few others pedals I won't give up,. The Forrest Green Compressor gets along in that situation like gold. Guitars players forget how much they an actually get out of a great compressor, and this why I always try and push my buddies into experimenting with as many combinations as possible. You find a good comp to throw on your board and the results are like having a new pedalboard, capable of new heights. Then we come to the boost capabilities of this pedal. By cranking the Level knob the FGC will hand you close to 100% untainted boosts, and it does this without very little noise even at really high levels. Finally there's my favorite feature, the Compression/Sustain Switch. This little buddy of a switch kicks the pedal into two different modes; In Comp mode the pedal dishes out high ration levels. This lets you smash your notes into the pavement, creating really amazing tones and sounds! The sustain in this setting also thrives helping you get the most out of any note or chord. In Sustain mode the pedal creates more subtle compression effects which work great for just about any situation. Overall the pedal just does a great job, like all Mad Professor pedals they sound nice and play well with others. Do yourself a favor and go out and try this little gem!


For more info on Mad Professor go to the links below or just click the banner on the site.