Monday, February 23, 2009

Effectrode News Update

This just in...

The good people at Effectrode are up to all good and have some fantastic new and old pedals on the way. For those of you who haven't had a shot at checking out these amazing pedals I highly suggest you hit up their website, check some stuff out and see if there's a Effectrode dealer in your town. Effectrode's genius creations go beyond the norm and surpass boutique quality effects. All of their pedals come equipped with vacuum tube technology and the highest grade components available today. If you're looking for a little something to upgrade your sound and add some killer retro style to your set-up, go with Effectrode baby.

First up to bat and soon to be back in your favorite shops is the ever so sweet sounding Phaseomatic Deluxe. This pedal is capable of giving any lifeless tone a steady pulse and heartbeat with it's super clear, warm and lush phasing and vibrato. It can produce both extremes of vintage or sci-fi, and is extremely easy to dial in with it's flexible layout of controls.

The next in line is the brand spankin new Vibra Chorus, an all tube, 100% pure analog and true bypass chorus pedal. It's beautiful, it's pink, and it's due to hit the streets in a few weeks. What more can you ask for? You won't have to ask for much by the sound of things. According to the Effectrode website, the pedal can produce "haunting and ethereal chorus voicings". Now I don't know about you, but that alone makes a man want to run out and write himself a song. For more info on the Vibra Chorus visit the Effectrode website.

The next two pedals on the horizon are a compressor and overdrive/distortion, both of which of course sport vacuum tube technology and audiophile grade components. Here's a little run down on both pedals by builder Phil Talyor, which will do a much better job describing them than I will.

"I have been working on several pedal designs over the last few years and they are finally reaching completion...The first is a tube compressor which utilizes a photo-optical attenuator to achieve high linearity and low distortion gain control. The gain control element is based on a CdS photocell, which ensures the absolute minimum of distortion is introduced (much lower than V.C.A. and F.E.T. designs). Additionally, the natural decay characteristic of the photocell produces a smooth two-stage release characteristic which always sounds pleasing and natural to the ear as it eliminates 'breathing'. Additionally this compressor features A-weighted filter in the side-chain which has a similar response to the human ear and allows for heavy compression without the excessive 'pumping' normally associated with compressors processing low-frequency material, for much more natural and musical effect."

"The second pedal that is nearing completion is the Tube Drive, a pure class A tube overdrive pedal featuring three double triode vacuum tubes for a total of ix gan stages. The drive knob simultaneously controls the gain of all cascaded stages so that they progressively clip allowing the Tube Drive to respond empathically to your pick attack with graceful break-up characteristic as lower gain settings. At higher gains this pedal can be pushed into heavier distortion where the tone is rich in harmonic content and unrelenting without masking the natural sound of your guitar and amplifier."

For more info on all the up-coming and current Effectrode pedals you can go to their website by clicking their logo in our links, or go to
Phil is also always open to any suggestions you might have for pedal designs, drop him an email at if you have something in mind.

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