Sunday, February 1, 2009


The good people at Myth FX are brewing up a new pedal for us tone freaks. The Midas Clean Boost, 32 db's of clean, transparent, full frequency boost, designed to maintain the harmonic richness of your tone. It features an internal voltage boost circuit which provides tons of headroom while operating on a standard 9v adapter. The high impedance input preserves your picking dynamics, and will not color your tone. The Midas will allow your guitar to cut through any mix, boost long effects chains, and push your amp into sweet heavenly gritty overdrive to down right dirty distortion. Myth FX has not announced a release date for this pedal, but they do say "coming soon" on their website. Bring it on!!!

For more info on all Myth FX products please visit

A True Bypass Wah Pad? Yup, exactly what it says it is. G-Lab is now making one of the best inventions to come about in a long while, The True Bypass Wah Pad or TBWP. It works like so: The pad is an all analog device which makes using your wah pedal so much easier and adds some new ways to play it. As most of us who gig know, it can be a pain in the ass when you go to turn off your wah pedal only to find it's still on. It takes a firm stomp to make sure you turn a wah on/off, and this kills switches and pots. The TBWP kills this operation!!! The TBWP is a pressure sensitive, true bypass effects loop. Place your wah on the pad, plug it into the loop ad leave it on. To engage the pedal all you need to do is place your foot on the pad, it is so freakin cool! It being true bypass also takes non-true bypass pedals out of the chain and keeps your signal sounding pure. You don't only have to use wah pedals with it, you can turn any pedal into a true bypass pedal by plugging it into the TBWP. I've been using Tremolo, Delay and Vibe pedals with it, which makes playing certain licks so much easier. You don't have to worry about having to stomp a switch to go in and out of an effect, place your foot on and off the pad and BAMN son, just like cake! I am putting together some videos on ways that I have found the TBWP useful and will be posting them asasp.  For now here's a demo vid from the Rock On Good People from Youtube. Hope you dig! For more info on G-Lab go to 

KEELEY ELECTRONICS factory fire update:
The fire that took place at the Keeley Electronics factory in Edmond, Oklahoma last month appears to not have been as damaging as it was originally reported. Dusty Wayne Nelson, Keeley's lead tech had reported he was worried their entire parts and inventory would be destroyed. Well there good news today my friends! Keeley recently reported that their completed dealer stock was pretty much untouched, except for some smoke fire damage and reboxing of products everything is gravy. According to the Keeley website they have just relocated to their new location, orders will be taking a little bit longer but my guess is they should be good to go in no time. 

FH(fx) now carrying DEATH BY AUDIO:

The good cats at are now carrying pedals by Death By Audio. With this new addition and the already very cool line of pedals by Devi Ever, FH(fx), Mellowtone, Protone Pedals and Small Sound/Big Sound and Seppuku they are quickly becoming one of the best places to shop for unique and killer quality effects. Our band has personally had the pleasure of using FH(fx)'s Algal Bloom Fuzz, 1134 Fuzz and The Hugger and Seppuku FX insanely cool psychedelic Sub Octave Syth pedal. If you're on the hunt for some new and different sounding weapons for your studio or pedalboard I say hit them up!

Death By Audio is the brain child of Brooklyn's A Place To Bury Strangers guitarist/singer Oliver Ackermann. Death By Audio is responsible for such killer effects like the all mighty Interstellar Overdriver, Supersonic Fuzz Gun and Soundwave Breakdown. There are some great demos of Olivers pedals on Youtube for those of you interested in checking out some of his creations. Definitely worth giving them a shot.

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