Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Art Of Noise

:::Himmelstrutz Electro Art:::

Swedish stompbox artist C.J. Himmelstrutz has done it again, and in trio fashion to be exact. His newest creations the Gramps, Fetto Nord, and Fetto Nord 70 are available now, and more than ready to blow your amps to tone heaven. I will let the great C.J. explain a little bit about his new trio. 

Tympanic-Membrane Pleasure
"To simplify the explanation of this pedal we put it in the fuzz category, even if it's capable of so much more. If all you want is to make your guitar sound really old, like your grandparents, that probably likes the late sixties band CREAM, this one is for you. It features a three way switch
for some different ways to make the pedal fart, puke and sputter. The Tone control lets you dial in or out all the rumbling bass that will make your bell-bottoms flap"

Great Nordic Distortion
"Fetto Nord is an extended, signature model of the FETTO Standard. This beauty will give you one great sounding overdrive/distortion unit and one low noise, full bandwidth booster. Each of these effects can be run  separately or concurrent with booster placed first in the chain, all fitted in a very small, space saving box!"

Great OLD Nordic Distortion
"Fetto Nord 70 is a 'More 70's voiced' version of Fetto Nord. Just likeall Fetto pedals you will get very musical distortions, rich in harmonics. Added to this is a pre-distortion-booster which will give you Great Nordic Distortion.....At Any Volume!"

(all quotes above by C.J. Himmelstruzt)

To read up on more info on all these pedals click the Himmelstrutz Electro Art logo in our links section. Or go to  -  Look out for more on these great pedals in the hear future.

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