Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Updates

This by far is going to be one of the most exciting and coolest months we will ever had. There are going to be a handful of "firsts" for the month of Sept here on AWC. One thing I personally am stoked about is our venture into the world of boutique amplifiers. There are probably just as many top notch amp companies as there are pedal co's and we going to start trying to tap into them all. We have also been getting emails from our readers asking us about pro audio gear and other accessories (in-ears, headphones, power supplies, etc...). Bass gear is something we're also going to start paying more attention to and this month we'll have some awesome products for ya'll. You can also bet this month will be full of some great stompboxes, we have a cool interview for ya'll, a cool band to check out, and much more. We also have some gear features from companies featured in the past which should be awesome. We are still working out the bugs to getting you guys some more podcasts and video demos, and as soon as that is handled we will post those for you. Please continue sending us your emails and thanks for the support.


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