Saturday, December 5, 2009

There's guitar straps, then there's Franklin

When it comes to gear I'm all about hunting down the very best there is, even when it comes to guitar straps. A good quality, well built strap will last you forever, bring you comfort, and add a little style to your guitar. In fact there are tons and tons of different guitar straps out there designed to fit just about every look possible. To be honest most of the straps I've come across have been just plain corny, I'm not into the whole skulls and cartoon art thing, just not my cup of tea. If I'm gonna spend a pretty penny on a guitar strap I want it to have some class, sport a look I'm not gonna to want to change. I recently discovered just the cats for the job, Franklin Straps. I'll tell you, no one does it like Franklin Straps does it either, and if you've had a chance to strap one on you know what I'm talking about. I recently got myself a couple of Franklin Straps for some guitars that have been in need. Instantly they upped the hip factor on all three guitars. Each strap is stunning, feels great, and all of them are built like tanks. Hey, if we're gonna pay attention to detail when it comes to pedals, amps, and guitars. Why not do it with our straps right?


Original Series
2.5" Black Suede
Guitar Strap

What can I say? This is a beautiful guitar strap, hands down probably the nicest I have have ever owned. The design is flawless, it feels insanely soft, and it most important it moves in all the right places. These Franklin straps really do have the feel of a vintage, broken-in guitar strap. How they do it? I have no idea. If you've ever played an old guitar with a beat up strap attached to it you know what I'm talking about, there's really nothing quite like that old worn in feel. When you come from the basic nylon style guitar strap into something of this caliber the difference is like day and night. You will never want to go back to a kiddie strap ever again. I paired this beauty up with my black semi hollow body Hagstrom Viking and the match is spot on. The strap accented to the classic look of my guitar and the soft material keeps my finish from rubbing off at the strap buttons. Even though the strap might look a bit hefty it really doesn't hang heavy on your shoulder. I had a chance to take it out on a few gigs to try and break it in, only to discover it needed no breaking in. I noticed while I was playing that I got no soreness around my shoulder, and because of it's size it didn't leave any those annoying raw, red markings that nylon straps can cause. I absolutely never see myself going back to anything else, Franklin has got the hook in deep and I'm loving it. I honestly never thought I'd go this crazy over a guitar strap. Go figure, I guess I just needed the right cats to turn me on.


Leather & Chrome Series
2" Black Glove Leather
Guitar Strap

For all you bad boys, rebels without causes, and guitar slingin killers. This here is the guitar strap for you. If you could paint a picture in your mind of the coolest guitar strap ever this would be it. All of the Leather Chrome Series straps are super freakin hip, but this black one with the chrome buckle and western boot stitching takes the cake. I almost wish I had a matching belt and buckle to rock this strap with. How sick would that look!? Every single guitar I throw this strap onto looks stunning. I played it with my red Tele I got compliments, played it with my Junior looked badass, strapped it onto my semi hollow body and was too cool for school. Last it ended up on my black Strat, a perfect combo if you ask me. Like all of Franklin's straps this model is also unbelievably soft and flexible. It falls over your shoulder perfectly, isn't heavy, and makes playing an absolute dream. Setting the length is super easy, and once you get the right setting the strap stays in place perfectly. The attention to detail in the stitches is a work of art, and the quality is top notch. I don't see this strap falling apart any time soon, in fact it is my mission to ride this baby out with the black Strat until the end of time, or until I can't play anymore. This is by far my favorite Franklin Strap model, if this isn't your bag just check out the Franklin website, there are a ton of other straps fit to groove with just about every look out there.


For more info on Franklin Strap go to or click the direct link below. We're in the process of trying to get our hands on some of the Greg Bennet Guitars so stay tuned. Make sure you check out the Franklin Strap website, it makes for a perfect gift for this holiday season.


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