Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec Monthly Pick/TwinStomp Effects

Analog War Cry has done it again! We've managed to discover another insanely cool effects pedal company with originality, drive, and great quality. December's Monthly Pick comes at us all the way from across the pond, a hard working, extremely talented, one-man operation by the name of TwinStomp. The captain of the TwinStomp ship? Adam Betts, a passionate muscian/builder with a mind driven towards one thing... great tone. TwinStomp pedals are built to last, built to work with you, and most important built to work with the sound you've worked so hard to get. Everything from the inner to the outer design of these boxes screams originality and professional sound, I promise you have never seen a guitar pedals like these. With today's pedal market being as blown out as it is it's always a breath of fresh air whenever we come across something unique and special. Our first TwinStomp encounter is the TwinStomp Booster, an award winning pedal with a killer look, immaculate design, and the ability to help you reach tonal heaven. Now you might be thinking to yourselves "Clean Booster?". I thought the saaame thing... then I plugged in.

TwinStomp Booster
Duel Channel Clean Boost

* Two Switchable Mosfet Boost Channels
Channel 1: 0db-10db / Channel 2: 6db-22.5db

* True Bypass
For tone conservation

* Duel LED's
Indicate which setting is in standby or active

* On/Off Toggle Switch
For conserving battery life while plugged in

* Patent Applied For Battery Compartment
For quick easy access. Also runs on 9V power supply

* Handwired
For reliable, long lasting build

* Test Certificate Supplied
Giving final test results / Serial numbered

* High Quality Components
3PDT EHX style switches
Alpha pots
Neutrik jacks
Fairchild Mosfet
UL Toggle switch
Close tolerance caps & resistors


As guitar players the one thing that probably matters most to us is our root tone, it is the one area we are constantly trying to improve, and what we base every other sound around. So before we jump into a huge sounding lead tone, monster fuzz, or soulful rhythm sound, we must have our foundation straight. It is our dream that one day we nail a signature sound of our own, something the masses can recognize us by. That is why we must make sure when we choose the gear that is to live in our setups that we chose wisely. Now we've reached our key tone and we want to take our sound even further, maybe grow it into snarling lead tone, or hairy beast of a rhythm sound. We try pedal after pedal, and booster after booster, gaining something yes, but also loosing something in the end. You don't know how many friends I've seen (me included) run out and try an array of different pedals, amps, pickups, and god knows what else. Only to come home having to start from beginning, middle, or get close but not exact. Well Analog War Cry has found a much easier way to hit home, the TwinStomp Booster, a double clean booster with a simple setup and no mask. When I first plugged into the TwinStomp Booster I had to make sure I had flipped it on, I had set it to a mild clean boost and could not hear any difference other than the tad boost it was set for. It's sad but this is how adjusted I have become to boosters coloring my sound. The TwinStomp Booster on the other hand does exactly what a booster is supposed to do, which is take your existing sound and push it as far as you want to go, all without any coloration. Maybe you want to push it until it becomes a screaming banshee of dirt, grit, and overdrive, that's fine the TwinStomp Booster can do this no problem. On the pedal's layout of controls you will find a True Bypass On/Off Switch, Boost 1/2 Selector Switch, two Gain Knobs (one for each channel), an On/Off Toggle Switch for preserving battery life while plugged in, and a slick PAF Battery Compartment. One last feature I thought was pretty cool were the little non-slip rubber feet that can be unscrewed to give the option to screw your pedal into your pedalboard, absolutely genius. Another + for this pedal. Everything is neatly arranged and tucked away in an indestructible enclosure, which will assure you this pedal will live forever. To put this pedal through it's paces we pulled out two of our favorite amps, my modified Hot Rod Deville, and my buddies 100 watt Super Lead. I figured I'd put the pedal through the best of both world's, the sweeetest clean tone and the illest grit. First up to bat was the Deville, I set it up exactly how I gig it, volume between 5-6, Lows 6, Mids/Highs 7, Presence 5, and Reverb 2. I set the TwinStomp's Channel 1 at about 60%, and Channel 2 at about 70%. With the first channel kicked in I was able to get both a perfect volume boost and the right amount of grit. Nothing in my tone became muddy, jagged, or unbalanced. Instead I got a bit more harmonics, size, and punch. All the characteristics of my root tone were still there, it was beautiful. A perfect channel for jumping from clean rhythm to dirty rhythm. Things got even better once I switched into the second channel! This meaty, chunky, bad-to-the-bone lead tone came flying from amplifier, a tone any guitar slingin' blues freak would be proud to rock on stage. My single notes hung in the air like an angered violin, and the sound of my chords screamed hard rock city. The fact that I was playing a Strat helped of course, but no pedal I've ever plugged into the Deville has been able to give me Hendrix style tones. I was able to start at my clean natural tone, go into a slight grit, and end up in a sea of a overdrive heaven. Because both channels are set different, one being hotter than the other, means that you're tone can gradually climb while getting it's dirt from the same source. If you're someone who's looking to downsize their pedalboard and look for an easier way to control their sound, this is it. This wasn't the end either, it was band practice which I thought would be the perfect testing ground for a live situation. I plugged into the Super Lead, set it slightly dirty, and pulled out my duel humbucker equipped semi-hollow body. To my surprise I was able to get even more tonal options and more control through the humbuckers. I did this by setting the amp's grit even higher and rolling back on the guitar's volume. This along with the TwinStomp Booster gave me just about every level of grit I could want. Bypassed I could get an open clean tone, and by rolling up the guitar's volume get a perfect rhythm crunch. With the pedal's first channel engaged my rhythm sound became bigger and more saturated, all I had to do to tame it was, you guessed it, roll my volume down. The second channel gave the Super Lead this huge sounding Eddie Van Halen lead tone, thick and jumping with life. I must say, your favorite guitar, a TwinStomp Booster, and a 100 watt Marshall are one killer feakin combo. Any seasoned player, pro, or tone hound will fall in love with this pedal. It is clear it was made by players for players. There is no hype, no ensemble of shining lights, or wacky paint job to steer you away from what the pedal actually sounds like. As a little side extra Adam has added some options that make the pedal a bit more user friendly, like the battery compartment and the screw mount option. In the end it's all about one thing though, taking your tone to the next level. If there's one thing you do for your tone or add to your rig this coming year I say do it with a TwinStomp Booster.

For more info on TwinStomp products go to or click the TwinStomp direct link in our sidebar. Keep your eye on this company, we have a feeling there's some more special gear on the way.

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