Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December News & Updates


Merry Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I know if there's one time of year that we all look forward to it is the holiday season. This is a time for us to go out treat ourselves and be treated by those who love us to all that awesome gear we have been eye balling all year. If there are a few things you're still on the hunt for or are looking for some new and interesting gear, this will be a great month for you to stay in touch with our site. This month we have so so much to show you and have been really excited to do so for quite a while now. Analog War Cry went ahead and saved some really awesome gear for the month of Dec, we figured you guys would really appreciate some of this stuff. You definitely have some great articles and reviews to look forward to and there will be a lot of them. We were also scheduled to feature one of our favorite bands last month but also decided to save it for this month. Who are they? You'll just have to wait and see. We have some killer pickup companies, more great underground boutique pedal companies, and mucho mucho more. With thanks to you guys and the help from the few sponsors we have Analog War Cry has really started to gather a fantastic following. I'd like to also take this time to thank my buddy Bart at Disco Freq's Effects Database for spreading the word. Bart lately had an interview in a popular Japanese effects pedal magazine where he mentioned Analog War Cry, "Thanks brother!". I will leave a link to the Disco Freq's Effects Database website below, or you can click the banner in our sidebar. We've also hooked up with some really cool new guitar companies and reunited with some of our old time favorite pedal companies for this month. I am also going to try to take care of some more podcast demos for you guys, a few months back my recording program starting acting funny and so I stopped overloading it with as much stuff as possible. Anyhow, I will try once again to bring you guys some cool audio demos. More good news is NAMM is coming up, and guess who is going to be there? That's right, AWC! We will make sure to report back to you all the great new gear that we check out. At the end of this first week of Dec we will be posting the winner of our T-Rex Tonebug Overdrive pedal, so make sure you check that out and it is not too late to sign up for those of you who are not subscribed to our site. It is very simple and quick, just type in your email in the box to the right and click the "SUBSCRIBE" button. Well let's get a moving shall we? Make sure to leave your comments and let those you have supported through our site know where you came from, it will be highly appreciated from all of us. So strap in and get ready my dear gear junkies because this will be one hell of a month

(In the studio getting ready to rock- 2008)

Check out Disco freq's Effects database at www.effectsdatabase.com

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