Friday, December 25, 2009

T-Rex Tonebug Overdrive Giveaway Winner!!

Tone Bug Overdrive/Gear Giveaway

Alright kids, here we go. First we want to say thanks for everyone for their support and please continue to keep checking in for more of these awesome giveaway's. The winner of our T-Rex Tonebug Overdrive has been posted below, the winner has been notified,and he has responded to Analog War Cry to claim his prize. Again thanks for participating and stay tuned for a bunch more killer gear this month, Dec is not over.

Evan Marder
Mar Vista, California
(Here is your prize friend)

In there beginning there was overdrive...
Not distortion, certainly not fuzz, but overdrive - that almost miraculously warm, saturated sound of one vintage tube amp pushing the next one just a little too hard. It's what the blues are made of, and it's what created rock and roll. In fact, it's the first foundation of just about every style of guitar playing out there. And now it's yours in the Tone Bug Overdrive.
- T.Rex Engineering

For more info on the Tonebug Overdrive or any of T-Rex's killer products go to Stay tuned for more awesome posts from T-Rex and make sure to keep a look out for more giveaway's here on AWC in the near future.

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