Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Welcome back to the Golden Era

A Taste of the Original...

What is it about vintage guitars that makes them sound so great? Was there some magic in the wood back then, or was it that cats just payed more attention to detail? Vintage guitars are heard on all our favorite records and used by the heavyweight players of the world. There are a few things that make a vintage guitar a vintage guitar. Their age, their build, and their components (which means pots, pickups, hardware, etc...). Their tone sings like no other and the feel of one in your hands is instant gratification. We seek them out with a passion like no other, hoping that we find a gem. There are many greats out there and all of them capable of sounding like a dream. But there is one guitar in particular that has always been able to get the job done and do it with authority, the Straocaster. If you look at a vintage Strat's pickups and hardware you'll notice there is something special about them, the sound they both help produce is like no other, and the build quality is stunning. The possibility to have your guitar sounding like an authentic classic is possible once again, and without having to spend an arm or a leg. I have two words for you...Raw Vintage. An amazing new company that is bringing us vintage tone hounds some outstanding pickups, saddles, and tremolo springs. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference, in this case it couldn't be truer. Get with it, Raw Vintage!

RVS-112 (11.2mm/o.441 inch pitch "Fender USA" type)
RVS-108 (10.8mm/0.425 inch pitch "Gotoh Japan" type)

There's nothing like owning a killer playing, killer sounding vintage guitar. Now imagine your hardware starts to give out, parts become old, and hardware begins to brake. There aren't many parts that can replace an authentic set of 50's saddles, that is until now. Raw Vintage has taken on the job to painstakingly go through every detail and analyze 50's vintage saddle to provide us with a product that not only looks the part but sounds and is built like the original. Yeah you can go out and get yourself a set of $20 saddles, I promise you one thing, you will pay the price in lack of definition, poor string articulation, and unbalanced note separation. The problem with most stock and budget guitar saddles is the materials that are used, like nickel plated copper, pot/zinc, and cheap molded steel. Poor quality in material leads to possible breakage and loss of core tone. It's much to valuable to give up any of that sweet vintage tone your guitar produces, your ears and vibe will tell the difference. Whether you're looking to replace a set on an old guitar, looking to build a vintage spec guitar, or just need a great set of saddles for your guitar, these Vintage Raw saddles will deliver spot-on classic, brilliant tone. If you want your guitar to sing with the voice it was given treat it right and go raw!


RVTS-1 (5-pc set)
Wire Diameter: 1.3mm
Overall Diameter: 8.86
Nickel Plated

That's right, Raw Vintage even makes tremolo springs. If you've ever played a Strat with a tremolo system you know how important it is to have a good set of springs. Now you can have an amazing set. Just like an old set of saddles, vintage springs can also tend to give you problems. Old school springs were made ok, but to be honest that wasn't an area most companies were paying attention to. One great thing about vintage tremolo springs was that they did/do sound great, only they weren't built to last. Play your guitar long enough and you'll begin to notice your tremolo just won't respond like it once did. It's something that's bound to happen, wear on your springs can cause flimsy bends and weak intonation. You might not think springs make that much of a difference, but ask any seasoned player and they'll tell you different. What you want is to be able to replace these parts without having to give up your root sound, give your trem a little more strength and more flexibilty at the same time. The tension of the spring is very important and the key to having a great functioning tremolo. Raw Vintage not only researched the build quality of vintage springs but also improved them to perform better while able to maintain a classic sound. After swapping in both the set of Raw Vintage saddles and springs into my partner's guitar, we noticed right away the difference in sustain and response. The notes appear to jump out and hold on a bit longer, almost as if the perfect amount of compression was being added. The lows became rounder and boomier, and mids became thicker. This was simply one of the easiest mods I have ever done to a guitar, quick and instant difference. If you're looking for a easy and quick way to get your guitar up to par, try the Raw Vintage gear. Your guitar will love you for it!!!

For more info on Raw Vintage products go to or click the Raw Vintage logo in our links. Also look for the Raw Vintage pickup review next month, you're in for a real treat! Rock on kids.

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