Monday, September 14, 2009


Seppuku FX:

My good buddy Ryhs at Seppuku Fx has just informed me that he will be offering a limited line of hand painted effects pedals. If you have had a chance to check out his pedals you now how off-the-wall and amazing they sound. Now you got a chance at getting a cool hand painted one-off version of one of the killer Seppuku FX models. The hand painting will be done by Parking Wars, check it out very cool stuff. There is also a new pedal recently added to the line, the Octave Drone. The Octave Drone is an all analog octave fuzz pedal and knowing Ryhs it should dish out some interesting sounds. We will be reviewing this pedal in the near future so keep your eyes peeled. Stop by and visit the Seppuku FX website and make sure you let'em know I sent you.

Hand Painted By. Parking Wars



Octave Drone



Way Huge Pedal Collection on Ebay:

For those of you who dig collecting old school pedals these are the mother of all mother freaking cool stompboxes.  Here's your chance at getting the entire original vintage Way Huge collection in one shot. The auction for the 10 Way Huge pedals will start at $4500, this might seem like a lot for pedals but to be honest I have seen these go for much more. Way Huge is definitely the originator of boutique mixed with hip style, believe me, if I had the means I would jump in on the auction. For those of you participating I wish you luck and if you end up grabbing them please shoot me an email. We're gonna try and find the buyer of these badass pedals for some info on them. Analog War Cry will also be reviewing the entire new Way Huge line and interviewing George Tripps. Make sure to tune in for that.

Vintage Way Huge Collection on Ebay
click on the picture to visit auction


Gearmandude Pedals:

The man the myth from the awesome Youtube effect pedal demos has his own line of pedals, and there is a new one on the horizon. The pedal is called the Lothar, an all out super hip exploding overdrive. Meaning it has some overdrive and fuzz characteristics. You can check out the video on this pedal and hit up GMD for one of these killer pedals. They go for $107 for you cats here in the states and run $130 for you brothers elsewhere. Can you dig it! Also be on the look out for the GMD Luther Drive review to come shortly. 



The super hip new Analogman ARDX20 Duel Analog Delay is available and in stock! Now we all know these are pedals that need no introduction of any kind, Analogman has proven time and time again that his heart is in this pedal thing and because of that he knocks out great sounding pedals. Both Ohbayashi San of Analogman Japan and Analogmike himself went into the design of this amazing analog delay pedal. The pedal is hand wired, features duel selectable setting of delay time, feedback, and level. The ARDX20 sports an effects loop for modulation and expression pedal jack for delay time manipulation. Get out and grab one!

ARDX20 Duel Analog Delay


Rothwell Audio Products:

My good buddy Andrew from Rothwell Audio has been one very busy bee. Not only does he also have a very cool new pedal out but he's also began to really blow up. You might remember our Rothwell features of the Rothwell Switchblade distortion pedal and Rothwell CLK (cool little knob). Now these amazing pedals can be found in many more places. Let's start with the new pedal first. The new Rothwell pedal is a compressor known as the Love Squeeze, if I know Andrew this thing is going to sound killer. You can visit his website for more info. There are also a handful of great new videos on Youtube of Rothwell pedal demos, for those of you who haven't had a chance to check one out here's your chance to get an idea of what they sound like. Rothwell has also picked up a ton of great new dealers to carry these amazing pedals, there will will more to come in the near future. Be on the look out for the Love Squeeze review to come in the near future. Below you will links to all this info, dig it!

Love Squeeze Compressor


New Dealer List:

Guitar, Amp & Keyboard Centre in Brighton
Cranes in Cardiff and Swansea
Red Dog Music in Edinburgh
Hartnoll Guitars in Plymouth
and there are some new international dealers, too.
Pro Guitar Shop in USA (thanks for the youtube videos) 
Panmusic in Spain (again, thanks for the youtube videos) 
Old Kate Studio in Greece 
Tone Freaks in Korea

Type in "Rothwell Pedals" into our Youtube video search and watch all the videos here on Analog War Cry. Youtube player found at the bottom of our site.



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