Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Updates for September

September 2009 Updates

We've made it another month my fellow brothers and sisters of the tone and September is going to be a big month for us. The first week of September will be Fuzz Week, and it's is gonna be a blast with some of the grooviest fuzz boxes we have ever come across. We went near and far to get our hands on some real gems and had a great time putting the pedals through their paces for you. We'll also be doing our first guitar company feature and do we have a cool first guitar to share with you all. Analog War Cry has also gotten some great new sponsors jumping on board which will make for some great gear updates and previews. We've come a long way since and have really worked hard to get the support we have, along with you guys also supporting us we hope to be around for a long time. We also have our winner for our first gear giveaway, we'll be announcing that very shortly. There will be some more great gear giveaways to come at the end of this month so make sure to stop by and check in with us. For those of you who are into psychedelic rock we have a killer band for this month's Artist/Band Spotlight. We'll be doing a full interview with the band and gear rundown with each member. If anyone has any suggestions on cool indie rock bands you'd like us to feature make sure to give us a shout through an email, we're always up for checking out some cool new bands. Our builder profile for September is gonna be someone we all know from the past, someone for a great talent for building killer stompbox designs, and someone who has made a major comeback... can you guess who? Along with all this we also have some other great pedal , pickup, and possibly amp company features, that's right amplifiers. We recently moved studio locations so our setup isn't up and running 100%, this is why we haven't been ale to do anymore podcasts or audio demos. We should be back online late this month or early next and also plan to start recording our video demos for the Analog War Cry Youtube Channel. Make sure to tune-in and get your fix and month, keep spreading the word, and keep on sending us your emails with suggestions. Get ready for some true tone junky remedy and like I always say... Let'em hear you scream!!!

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