Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gear Giveaway #1 Winner Announcement

First I'd like to thank everyone for following our little site and everyone who signed up for a chance to win our first gear giveaway. Remember to keep stopping by and keep spreading the word, we will be doing gear giveaways every few months and selecting some really cool gear for ya'll. Now to get to the winner....drum roll please!

Adrien Fortunato
of Calgary, Canada

Eastwood Guitars

Airline Vintage Voiced
Single Coil Pickups

"Have you ever wondered what makes those old AIRLINE guitars sound so wicked? How can a Humbucker sound like that? Well, it can't. The original VALCO pickups were SINGLE COIL, not Humbuckers. They looked like a Humbucker, but that is where the similarity ends. The VALCO pickups were found in all AIRLINE®, SUPRO and National Guitars in the late fifties and early sixties. We dissected the originals and have now re-created that famous tone in a new SINGLE COIL design that is housed in a Humbucker format. These are made specifically to replace your Humbuckers and give you that oh-so-nasty growl that is familiar from the likes of Jack White, Hound Dog Taylor, J.B. Hutto and Jimmy Reed."

-Eastwood Guitars

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