Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shout at the Devil

:::Cool Pedals:::

Bavaria, Germany

Builder: Andreas Ziegler

There is only one real way to describe this pedal...Overdrive & Beyond. There are many pedals out there that promise multi-drive voicings but usually that means having to mount some oversized not very user friendly stompbox onto your already crowded pedalboard. Cool Pedals has found a clever way to give us classic, modern, and everything in betwen in a small killer looking guitar pedal. Inside the Dirty Devil you will find some very recognizable dirt tones and at the same time discover some new ones you'll be proud to add to your arsonal of sound. Selling your soul to Satan never sounded so good.

Dirty Devil


Look at this pedal!!! It screams badass, and it delivers like no other. This is one pedal I was more than happy to put through it's paces, it's very user friendly and every setting you dial-in sounds like fantastic overdrive overdose. The Dirty Devil was built for the player in need of one pedal that can do it all. When I say "it" I mean overdrive & distortion. Need a vintage TS-808 tone? You got it! Want to go a bit heavier into the DS-1 realm? No problem. And it doesn't stop there, this is not a pedal that will bore you easily. It responds really well to your guitars volume knob and the amount of compression is damn near perfect! There is a warm yet slicing quality to the sound it produces, it is rich in harmonics, and will have both humbuckers and single coils howling like a beast. The Dirty Devil is handmade, sports high quality components, and is built to last. It's builder and designer is Andreas Ziegler. A passionate and hard working cat with a mission to give us players choice and killer tone in one amazing pedal. I'd have to say he pulled it off, the Dirty Devil kept me busy for quite some time. Let's look at the Dirty Devil's layout, which is very clever I must say. You have the traditional Volume-EQ-and Gain knobs, which all work together when you step on the On/Off switch. The Boost knob is there to give you a little more and is engaged by the Boost switch. Now here's where this pedal gets exciting and where Andreas really came through, the Voicing and Mode mini-toggle switches. To the right you have your Voicing switch gives you Classic/Turbo/Devil tone options. In the Classic mode you'll find all your vintage, boutique, light overdrive tones. Turbo gives you a bit of a jolt and boost, the tone is much hairier and dirtier. Last is the Devil, this incorporates LED clipping and sets the eyes on the devil to blink in and out depending on how you strum. The Devil voicing is probably the strongest and most original of all the voicing tones, there is a rich and thick Plexi like sound to it, but it also gives you a hint of modern undertones. A very cool voicing. The fun has just started cause from here we go into the Boost section of the pedal. When adding the Boost switch you get to choose the level of intensity you'd like your boost to sound like. There are three modes, TS-NT-DS. I told you this pedal was no joke. Now, in the TS the tone stays true to that old school booster sound, kind of the way a clean boost would work, it doesn't add much much grit but makes your tone louder. The NT, which stands for "No Teeth", here I found to get a vintage type boost sound out of the Dirty Devil, combined with the right Voicing this mode really stays true to classic rock heaven. Last is the DS mode which drenches your sound with a boost of creamy, heavy distortion. The possibilities are endless, dialing in the sound that works for you is as easy as pie. The Dirty Devil most definitely falls into heavyweight category of effects pedals. There are many overdrive pedals swarming the pedal scene right now and if I had to put together a top 10 list the Dirty Devil would easily make the cut. This is one of those pedals that once you get your hands on will stay with you forever.  

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