Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Vintage FX:
One of my all-time favorite boutique pedal companies has redone their website. Go check it out and get yourslves some of the baddest and most affordable boutique quality stompboxes out there. You can check out the Colordrive review and interview with builder Dave Archer that we did in the month of Feb. Also look for the VFX Tremolo review to come next month. Hope you dig the site and support this awesome effects company.

After a long break the Effectrode Phaseomatic is back! Phil has been working on the new batch of Phaseomatic pedals. This is the first pedal he designed and now has ten years of research and development behind it. The world's first and only photo-optical, tube phaser achieves deep, lush phasing with uncomparable presence and clarity. Phil has also been working hard in the workshop, with Effectrode’s new Tube Drive and Delta-Trem pedals nearing completion. Watch this space for more details or check out the spec on the web-site now.

Checkout the Phaseomatic by clicking on this link:

Solid Cables:

Here's a sneek peek at the new Solid Cables GT series cables. The official launch for these bad boys will be at Nashville NAMM. For those of you planning on hitting the event you can visit Solid Cables at booth 1222. Sharing booth 1222 with Soldi Cables will be 65 Amps, Duesenberg Guitars, and Souldier Straps.
click this link for more info


Coming at you from Germany...My good friend Andreas Zielger of Cool Pedals has got himself a handsom new pedal, the Steam Machine. The Steam Machine is a Overdrive/Distortion/and Booster. Dial in your sound and take it to the next level with the optional Boost switch. Endless tones and tons of fun!!! Also on the horizen he has some killer new mods up his sleeve, and these mods won't disappoint my friends. Andreas has just started a tap-tempo mod for the Boss TR-2 Tremolo pedal, don't miss out! Then there's The Great Destroyer mod for the almighty Boss DS-1, an over the top fuzz mod for an already kickass pedal. Can you imagine the outcome? Use the Analog War Cry Youtube search on the bottom of our website to look up Cool Pedal's Boss DS-1 The Great Destroyer mod.

Steam Machine

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