Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not for the weak

Diabolical Devices

So what do these cats have to offer that others don't? Many many things, and the first time you plug into one of their devices you'll notice you're not playing just some boring piece of gear. I had the pleasure of discovering Diabolical Devices some months ago and was quite taken by their extensive line of unique and insanely cool musical products. The Matter Disorganizer is only one of the few products that this extremely talented outfit produces. Besides effects pedals Diabolical Devices also builds a killer collection of hand wired amps, an array of circuit-bent instruments, wild keyboards, and a handful of strange and out of this world analog devices that will give you just about every color in the sound rainbow. These cats aren't out there cloning the Fuzz Face, Tubescreamers, and Big Muff's. No sir they are not. They have tapped into a whole new world of analog based heavenly devices. One thing I will have to get my hands on sooner or later is one of their kickass looking guitar amps...but that's for another time. What we have here my dear friends is one sweet and evil sounding stompbox. A pedal definitely worth making some for on your pedalboard.

Matter Disorganizer

The Matter Disorganizer is a silicon based fuzz box with some octave up options and beyond. When I say beyond I mean it does some things I was very surprised by and certainly not ready for. Let's touch on it's more traditional side first though shall we? Pulling out vintage fuzz tones and scorching Hendrix like lead tones is an easy as pie for this little pedal. It's setup of three knobs and two switches are capable of a lot. What I love about this pedal is how self-explanatory it is. Fuzz controls the fuzz amount, Tone shapes your tone, and Volume dishes out the output...lovely! On the left you find it's Bypass switch, just dial in your sound and WAHLAA! Prepare for a lot of meaty, ear grinding, fuzz screaming madness. Think Vox Superfuzz and Foxx Tone Machine having a baby. It oozes creamy fuzz tones and somehow is still capable of sounding just a bit ruff around the edges, this is one of those strange blends that makes a great pedal great. This is a perfect pedal for you single note fuzz addicts, powerful enough to make single note runs sounds like beefy power chords. It holds like no other and without the need of a compressor or sustainer. Imagine that early Soundgarden tone on steroids, or a that sick and twisted Justin K. Broadrick sound. If you're looking to get a Godflesh and Jesu tone this is the pedal to get the job done. Another cool thing about the Matter Disorganizer is it cleans up into a wicked sounding overdrive, not your normal run off blusey overdrive, but a new breed of tasty sounding overdrive that is more than useful. I got these gret low-fi overdrive tones when doing this. Take the Volume knob on your guitar and rol back about half way, do the same with your tone knob, and you have a kickass new sound. I must say, I am very wary when it comes to fuzz boxes. There are just too damn many of them out there and the reason for it being the pedal boom we experiened a few years back. Something this fuzz box has to offer that is quite satisfying is it's ability to sound both modern and classic, and without giving up any original character of it's own. And now that we're talking original I do believe it's time to mention this pedals little 8va switch. I'm not exactly sure what the hell is going on inside this pedal and I really don't care, all I know is that once I step on this here 8va switch all hell runs loose and there's no turning back. You get all that psychedelic classic rock octave fuzz madness, add a little synth texture, a dash of sputtering/screeching goodness, make sure to stir properly, and you have one of the baddest motherfuckers this pedal world has ever seen. This is the kind of switch you want to have with you when you're playing a gig and want all heads to turn your way. The sounds the Matter Disorganizer is capable of once the 8va switch is engaged are far beyond words, definitely not for the weak. I had a blast mixing in high amounts of reverb, and analog delay, the outcome is off the hook! The sonic adventures you will have with this pedal will have your music sounding like no other and have heads turning to see where it's coming from. It's great to have cats like John McNeece out there building us these grand little works of art. Also a killer way to experience those gems from early days, not everyone can afford vintage fuzz pedals. There not too many cats out there with the gift for tweaking and turning the old school devices into something unique and original. Every time I come across one of these cats I feel it is my duty to share their work with you. You can hear where the inspiration came from for desiging this pedal, you can also hear something new. And in the end it turns out as another timeless classic.

For more info on Diabolical Devices go to Have blast discovering some killer new toys my friends. Look for more Diabolical products in the near future.


  1. Hey bassists, this box was designed for you too! I bought one today here in Tallahassee, I couldn't stop riffing the whole day. I fell in love. Period.

  2. McNeece is one suicidal smelly bastard that lives like a hobo but manages to maintain being a social media freak.

  3. I see Joel Wheeler has re-activated his hate campaign against McNeece and is posting anonymously again. John quit working for Joel. Period. Then Butt Pussy AKA Joel Wheeler, went on a smear campaign because he lost his "innovator" and map builder on the account of...well...working for Joel must have been hell. I would have jumped from the sinking ship that is Electric Amp USA too. My name is Greg Earl and my dealings with Joel Wheeler, including numerous phone calls and business transactions, have been illuminating and I can safely say,,,Joel is unhinged, dishonest, disingenuous and devious. The hate campaign he has directed to the McNeese family is that of a sociopath and a bitter businessman unable to make his own circuits/products.