Monday, June 8, 2009

Gear Giveaway Contest #1

"Help us spread the word"
Hello friends, followers, and readers of Analog War Cry. Yes it's time to give away some killer gear! We'll be giving away a pair of brand spankin new AIRLINE® Vintage Voiced Single Coil Pickups from Eastwood Guitars. These babies ain't no joke, they look, sound, and play freakin great. The pickups will go to any new subscriber who signs up and emails us letting us know they are interested. We will pick a random email address at the end of the contest, contact that person and ship them the pickups. We're looking to reach out to as many people as possible and now you guys have shot at helping us out. Our main focus here on Analog War Cry has always been to keep the music community informed about all the killer gear that out's there. We're stoked to have the chance to work with all the people featured on our site, and always excited when a new piece of gear comes through for demoing. These people work their asses off to build us some of the best gear available today and it's all about you guys having a chance to try it out. We ourselves been blessed to have had to chance to try out so much cool gear this year and we'd like to continue keeping you guys informed as it comes through. The more people we can reach, the more gear you have a shot at checking out. Email us with the info at The contest starts the minute the post is up and will continue on through July. We will announce the winner August 1rst. Below is a little info on the pickups from Eastwood Guitars. Good luck!

AIRLINE® Vintage Voiced Single Coil Pickup
Have you ever wondered what makes those old AIRLINE guitars sound so wicked? How can a Humbucker sound like that? Well, it can't. The original VALCO pickups were SINGLE COIL, not Humbuckers. They looked like a Humbucker, but that is where the similarity ends. The VALCO pickups were found in all AIRLINE®, SUPRO and National Guitars in the late fifties and early sixties. We dissected the originals and have now re-created that famous tone in a new SINGLE COIL design that is housed in a Humbucker format. These are made specifically to replace your Humbuckers and give you that oh-so-nasty growl that is familiar from the likes of Jack White, Hound Dog Taylor, J.B. Hutto and Jimmy Reed.

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