Monday, June 22, 2009

Set the controls for the heart of the tone

This my fellow addicts of the tone, this is by far one of the coolest and most useful stompboxes to come across since the legendary Tubescreamer. I think of a great vintage amp, an amp that just delivers that beautiful and spot-on tone. That sound that works so well with your picking dynamics, you know the one I'm speaking of, it stays clean'n'crisp with a brush of your pick and screams out natural overdrive grit when you dig in. This is the sound I've found in the Thinman OD, and it's been a long time coming.

Thinman OD

*Volume: Sets the output level

*Bias: Bias Limiter-clean blend to starved bias

*Limit: Med to Hard limiter-clean to med limit

Three controls...the magic number of the overdrive pedal. Drive-Tone-Level. Anyone who knows anything about overdrive pedals or anyone who's ever built one has used this formula, And for good reason. Less is more! The Thinman OD has also been designed with three controls. only these three puppies give you a whole new method on how to get that golden grit out of your amp. A few hours after recieving the pedal I had to call it's creator, his name is Dan Simon. This is a man with a true love for great tone, his passion for tone jumps out of the phone, you can hear it in his words when you speak with him. It's that talk you get out of any die hard, cut throat, axe slangin player. I get why and for who he built this pedal for, it's a pedal that you'll either get or you won't. Which by I mean, if you're a player you'll love it, if you're an eye-candy collecting pedal junky you won't. You'll notice by looking at the pedal that it definitely doesn't fall in with the trend of bright colors and many buttons and knobs. I love it for that! There's no where for your tone to hide, the original sound you push through the pedal stays intact and easy to enhance. I'm not one to buy pedals for their artwork and hype, like a certain bullshit company who builds small hand painted pedalZ and sellZ them for and arm and a leg, but that's a topic for another day. When you hold the Thinman in your hand you will notice that it's quality all the way, it's like a mini tank. The little light-up knobs are an extra cool treat as well. I've never seen knobs like that on a pedal, they make for easy control on dark stages and add a signature look to the pedal. This is the perfect pedal for those of you looking to lower the pedal count in your setup, with the right touch it does the work of two pedals and delivers two wonderful sounds. That's not all either, the Thinman works especially great in front and behind other boosters, overdrivers, distortions, and fuzz boxes. This is where this pedal really shines! Imagine being able to get a little bit more magic out of those already great sounding and favorite boosters and drivers of yours, a hint more grunt, and a tad more balls. The overdrive'n'dirt this pedal produces is very organic and natural sounding. It lives in that realm of overdrive we love to get out of our amplifiers, only with this pedal no longer do we have to set the controls to overload hell. I play a pretty big amp, 4 x 10 Fender Deville. If you know these amps you kow how wonderful a clean tone you can get out of them, and with a little mod to the eq section you have a damn near perfect clean tone. But these also get very loud once you set them past 2 on the volume knob. That is no longer a problem for me and now I can set the level where I want it and get the perfect amount grit and growl out of it. I like to palm chords like no one elses business, with the right amount of overdrive it's just rock and roll heaven. I can get my palmed chords to ring out even longer and stronger now. They're full of rich, thick, harmonic bliss and ring with tight, clear, overtones. I amost wish I could come up with a whole new category to place the Thinman in but I can't, it's something you have to experience for yourselves. Those of you tone freaks and will most definitely get where Dan is coming from with this pedal design. It is a pedal that dances and plays around your touch, and dishes out amazing dynamics. Dymanics... probably thr most important thing in music, if not one of the most important. To have a great song you need your melody, your hook, your tone and sound, and dynamics. This is one of the best ways to describe this pedal, dynamics and great response. The way I've set up my pedalboard is like so: Tuner-Clean Boost-Overdrive-Thinman-Fuzz, and so on into the modulation pedals. This is the best way to get the most out of your Thinman, actually to be honest I could really scratch my Overdrive pedal if I wanted, only I love it too much and it works so damn well the Thinman. Overall, this is a pedal that players will appreciate, a pedal that will work with you and not steal the style you've worked so hard to perfect. That is what effect pedals are for, to help us shape and get the sounds we dream about. The pedal is a tool, at least that's the way I've always looked at them. The DDyna Thinman OD has to be one of the best tools I have come across in years. The hunt for that holy grail tone has been something us players have been on the trail of ever since we were first bitten by the sound of that favorite tune. When I said that it's the most useful pedal to come along ever since the Tubescreamer I meant it. Not that it's here to replace it or that it even does the same job. When you sit down with this pedal you'll know where I'm coming from. Enjoy.

For more info on DDyna Music Company you can go to or click the DDyna Music logo in our links. Look for more features from this wonderful pedal company in the near future.

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  1. Spot on review. It's 2021, & I just got a Thin Man. What a useful tool! Really, really great pedal.