Monday, March 2, 2009

We Need The Funk...Gotta Have The Funk!

Groove Regulator
 *Handmade in the USA
 *100% Analog Circuit
 *True Bypass
 *Frequency Response that works on any instrument
 *Durable 2mm-thick aluminum enclosure
 *FX Loop return/send
 *9v DC Power
 *Battery life 15-20 hours
 *High quality powdercoat finish
 *Controls:   Sensitivity/Attack/Decay/Intensity/Feedback/Range/Sweep

Coming at you from "Rain City" Seattle, Washington is 3Leaf Audio and it's little funktified friend the Groove Regulator. This handmade 100% analog envelope filter is the work of art of skilled effects builder Spencer Doren. The Groove Regulator was spawned from the circuit of the now extinct and highly sought after Lovetone Meatball, taken and enhanced for all your psychedelia funked up needs. Plugging into this pedal will suck the lifeless soul out of you and drive you to play licks George Clinton would be proud of. I found myself digging and chuckin into my axe like a man possessed with funk fever, can I get an Amen!? One thing you'll notice right away about this pedal is it's wide frequency response and vocal sweep, this baby will shuck and jive with just about anything you plug into it, your guitars, keyboards, and bass will transform and transmogrify into the irresistibly unkown. It's perfect blend of switches and knobs keeps things easy to dial in so you can get out of it a sound that works best for you and your picking style. Add an effect into it's FX Loop and your tonal possibilities are without end. Not having much experience with this type of effect I decided I'd try and push this pedal to it's limits by combining it with just about every effect I could get my hands on. With overdrive, distortion, and fuzz it delivered a growling unforgiving howl that hit me in all the right places and was perfect for adding some spice to guitar solos and licks. Anyone with an experimentalist heart, plug some delay, flanger or phaser into the Groove Regulator and you'll find yourself in abstract heaven raining down tones of every shape, color and size. Blended with a bit of vibe, tremolo or chorus created a very velvety, warm, classic rock feel and sound, something Zappa would've used in his tunes. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you're looking for some new ways to expand your sound this is a great tool for the job. Your amp will bleed every color of the rainbow.
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Look for sound bites and video demos on the Groove Regulator later this month.

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