Monday, March 23, 2009

Pedal Hunt Podcast Part: 2/ Pigtronix Polysaturator

Pigtronix F.A.T 
Our next find in this months pedal hunt is one of many faces, a pedal capable of speaking tones from classic rock to all out metal mayhem and beyond. Our goal on this hunt is to introduce to you some fantastic sounding pedals you may have missed, not heard of, or have been curious to listen to. If you're familiar with Pigtronix effects pedals you know they don't build the traditional run of the mill designs, the effects behind their pedals may be traditional but you can be sure David Koltai is always gonna find some way to take it to the limit. 

The Polysaturator is no exception in David's impressionable line of effects pedals, at first look it may seem like just another distortion box but plugging into it you'll quickly notice it's tonal range surpasses most anyone's expectations. One major factor when hunting for overdrive and distortion stompboxes is that they're able to 1. match your tone and amp, and 2. that they deliver on as many fronts as possible. I found myself able to dial in mountains of overdrive and distortion tones with the Polysaturator, everything from subtle grit, classic rock, and punk, to modern rock tones, heavy metal, and extreme fuzz sounds, all of them useful and all of them flexible within their realm. The really cool thing about this pedal is it's capability to knock out some damn good treble booster and tweed deluxe tones, which isn't something we regularly see in a distortion box as powerful as this. The Polysaturator's design was spawned from the overdrive section found in the Pigtronix Disnortion pedal, they took it's layout and hot-rodded it adding a Class A J-FET booster stage, JRC4558D powered EQ circuits, and re-voiced the gain structure for an all out array of tones choose from. The outcome? A multi-stage distortion/overdrive pedal with an adjustable, active EQ which can provide up to 12db of cut or boost in the 180Hz, 420Hz, and 1KHz frequencies, perfect for booming out sweet harmonics and spot-on picking dynamics. The pedal is armed with a row of extremely responsive black little knobs, sports a big'n'bright blue LED, and is housed in a small heavy duty enclosure perfect for saving much needed space on those pedalboards of ours. The Input/Output jacks may seem to placed in an awkward position falling both on the right side of the pedal, but placed in the correct spot on your board you will see how handy they can be to your setup. It comes with it's own 15VDC power supply for attaining maximum performance but will also work with standard 9V power adapter. Oh, and before I forget, the box these pedals come in are very very cool, not something you're gonna want to throw away, the pedal itself painted in a hip retro style design that will add some color to your rig. So whether you fly with the classic rockers or are of the hardcore shredders, play single coil or humbucker guitars, this pedal will deliver and deliver quite nicely. We were very stoked to have come across this pedal and excited to get the chance to share it with you. Now let's listen in and see just what this little puppy can do.

Pedal Hunt Podcast #2/Pigtronix Polysaturator

 You can check out more info on the Polysaturator and all the rest of the Pigtronix line at

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