Monday, March 30, 2009

Pedal Hunt Part: 3/Rothwell Switchblade

Rothwell Audio Products
Switchblade Distortion Pedal

Well well now, what do we have here? Solid build, killer tone, hand built, and high quality components. Another boutique distortion pedal you say? Well if you categorize "boutique" as the many thousands of pedals that are being mass produced around the world and using the term to gain some hype, well no. But if you remember what boutique pedals really are and what goes into them, the time, the skill, the passion, and the many hours of tweaking...then hell yes!

It's likely most of you cats have never come across a Rothwell effects pedal but I assure you this don't mean squat, I just happen to have the pedal junky bug borrowed deeper within. Coming across Andrew Rothwell's devices has been one of Analog War Cry's top finds, his line of intelligently crafted products are all extremely impressive to say the least. Other than effects pedals Rothwell also offers a handy collection Hi-Fi audio products which includes valve and passive pre-amps, in-line attenuators, power amps, and mucho more. When the Switchblade arrived we were delighted to hear it was most certainly not just another suped-up overdrive or clone, this design is all it's own and within it lies a signature sound belonging to Andrew Rothwell. The Switchblade features three stages of high quality distortion with skillfully tailored filtering before, between, and after each stage that gives one the ability to dial in a handful time traveling tones. It three knobs are Volume, Tone, and Gain, and with these three knobs the pedal is capable of dishing out anything from modern and heavy rock distortion to subtle overdrive, tube like grit, and clean boosts. It's overall EQ projection is astonishing, lows stay tight but boomy, highs slice through and don't shriek out, and mids are perfectly balanced out for great punch and rhythm guitar playing. The Switchblade also plays well with others which makes it a wondeful tool for boosting and shaping other stompboxes, I plugged a bunch of fuzz pedals behind it and got some sweet sounding classic rock lead tones. The pedal is true bypass, features low battery drainage, and is hand built with top quality components and chassis mounted knobs and sockets for long life and performance, it's build would definitely hold it's own in any situation. Let us now delve into the world of Rothwell Audio Products and welcome a new friend.

Pedal Hunt Podcast #3/Rothwell Switchblade

More Rothwell Audio Products to come and also look out for our interview with Andrew Rothwell in the near future. To visit and read up on more info on Rothwell products you can click the logo in our LINKS section or go to

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