Friday, March 13, 2009

Pedal Hunt Podcast Part: 1/ HipKitty Cream Distortion

Ok friends so we had posted earlier this month that we were gonna seek out the baddest, fattest, biggest sounding, sweetest voiced, cream of the crop Overdrive,Distortions, & Fuzz pedals we could find, well we found some real gems for you and we promise we won't disappoint. These next few articles will also be the debut of our podcasts and audio demos, we'll be dialing in, tweaking, and blasting all the pedals for your pedal junky needs. So set your stereos to STUN, grab a SICK pair of headphones, or CRANK your laptop as loud as it can go cause the next next few episodes and articles will feature a killer collection of stompboxes that will instantly add some character and life to your sound, songs, and amplifier. 

HipKitty Products
Cream Distortion
In Part 1 of our Pedal Hunt Podcasts we'll be talking about and demoing the Hipkitty Cream Distortion, a great classic rock voiced distortion pedal with tons of tube-like grit and crunch. This pedal even at it's lowest Drive setting sounds like a tube amp being pushed into velvety, smooth, and well...creamy overdrive, it's name suits it perfectly. Hipkitty's attention to detail both inside and out is an absolute work of art, literally, the pedals are all painted by hand and the outcome is stunning to say the least. Every setting on the Cream Distortion sounds like absolute heaven, my favorite is cranking the Drive knob and rolling back the guitar's volume. HipKitty Products hasn't been around as long as some of the other "boutique" pedal companies but that don't mean squat, the cats building their effects really have a talent for knocking out some timeless classics. Let's get this thing started and let's listen in shall we? 

Pedal Hunt Podcast #1 HipKitty Cream Distortion
(turn down your volume may be loud as hell!!!)

You can check out more info on HipKitty Products at or click their logo in our LINKS section for direct access to the HipKitty website.


  1. I love gear demos and I think this blog has potential. However, whoever did this demo needs to get his/her playing up to scratch... or find someone else to do the demos. Don't mean to be an a-hole but as long as the playing sounds like this it really is pretty pointless to run it through boutique pedals... at least for others to listen to.


  2. harald is an a-hole for sure