Monday, November 2, 2009

News and Updates


Come one come all open your ears and open your minds to another month of unique, innovative, and off-the-hook gear. I am stoked to say that Analog War Cry is in the process of building our own official website, what this means is much much more for all you gear junkies. We will be featuring our video demos, audio demos, podcasts, band interviews, guitar shop tours, lots of the same, and much much more. Our new website will make it fun and much easier for you guys to get around and check stuff out. We plan on launching the site by early Feb 2010. As for this month we have some killer stompbox reviews, a few amazing pickup builders, a great band for you guys to check out, and a few surprises. We will also be announcing the winner of the T-Rex Tonebug Overdrive pedal and plan to work out another contest or giveaway soon. With the pedal boom getting in it's second wind we are seeing a bunch of new companies, some old ones offering cool new gear, and lots of cats upping their game. One such industry that has seem lots of movement is the guitar building scene, my lord how many new guitar brands have sprouted up in the last year or so. With a lot of these new gear companies it appears that the retro and vintage look is the name of the game. If you look closely you will discover a bunch of really hip small boutique guitar companies with some interesting and classic designs. Lots of what was popular a few months back seems to have lost it's mojo, like the insane 20 knob 20 switch pedals that do everything but wipe your ass. Let's face it, when it comes down to gear it's all about what works best and makes it easiest for us, a lot of the time that means going back to our roots. This is not to say there hasn't been some interesting gadgets out there, just saying that everyone seems to be focusing on the old school style designs. I've gone from playing a 3 pedal setup, to a nine pedal setup, to 12 pedals, to 10, and now I'm at about 5 stompboxes. When you find a good overdrive pedal to work all your dirty tones, from semi-clean/rhythm/drive/and lead tones this can save you lots of pedalboard space. You'll be surprised what a great sounding OD pedal and a clean booster can do for you, at the right settings you can even dial in some killer fuzz tones. Having a wide variety of pedals and effects if you're a studio and session cat is great thing, but when it comes to gigging too many pedals can make things difficult. Besides, who in the crowd is gonna be able to tell the difference between one overdrive to the next? You wouldn't believe how many different overdrivers I have gigged with before, just silly I tell you. So if there's one piece of advice I can give you it's to carefully choose the gear you gig with and leave the arsenal for the studio. This is going to be one hell of a month, I have taken it upon myself to get out there and do some serious hunting. This last month was probably the highest number of pedals and gear I have ever tested. So we will try and keep it as exciting as possible for you guys and make sure to deliver some unknown and interesting gear. Sit back, get your fix, and plan your next move.

Recording vocals for the Blackgrass Sessions



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