Tuesday, November 24, 2009

HipKitty Products new release / The Glaze

HipKitty Products
The Glaze

A few months back Analog War Cry had a chance to check out the HipKitty Cream Distortion in our Pedal Hunt Podcast Reviews. The Cream Distortion was nothing shy of amazing, a warm, smooth, overdrive pedal with the characteristics of a vintage tube amp. Well HipKitty is at it again, this time with a boost/overdrive pedal known as The Glaze. For those of you who aren't hip to the HipKitty brand, I tell you these are a must for your pedalboard setup. HipKitty's known for their high quality, hand built, hand painted, and unique designs. Besides pedals they also produce a couple of guitar amps that look like they'd quench any gear junky's thirst, but for now we'll take a quick look a their new pedal, The Glaze boost/overdriver.


HipKitty Products
is proud to announce the release of
The Glaze

The Glaze is a unique boost/overdrive pedal created for warmth and clarity to each note and chord played. The Glaze’s ability to expand and add to the upper harmonic content “Glaze” the upper register notes while allowing the lower register notes to retain clarity and focus.

The Gain control can allow for the most minimal boost level up to an overdriven tube sound at higher Gain settings. The Gain control has been described best as the “magic” control on the Glaze.

The Volume control circuit has enough volume boost to allow driving the amp’s preamp section into overdrive. Increasing this control past “unity” level can bring the amp’s sweet spots alive.

The Glaze made its initial debut at the 2009 Nashville Amp Expo in Nashville, Tennessee as a prototype test unit. Overwhelming feedback brought the Glaze to life.

Retail: $180.00 U.S.D.
Street: $135.oo U.S.D.



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