Sunday, January 10, 2016

Live & Direct: A new AWC installment of gear adventures live from the stage.

  Live & Direct

Coming this year new to the site the AWC crew and family will be taking the gear that gets submitted and we will be taking it out on live gigs, recording sessions, and other adventures. This will give us and you guys another view as to what it is the fantastic pedals and other gear that comes in is capable of. We will be shooting photography of our ventures out on the city, video, and getting insight from the players and audience. I will also be taping new a podcast show where I will be discussing the gigs and giving our thoughts on all angles. Please continue writing in with your suggestions on gear to check out, companies to look out for, an for those of you new builders out there please get in touch with us so we can get our hands on your builds. 

Live & Direct will also keep our ears open to any artist willing to demo our gear in their sessions, recordings, and gigs. Los Angeles is jammed packed with venue after killer venue, stone cold rocking local and traveling bands, and full of word of mouth speakeasy hole in the wall hangouts all ready to showcase their vibes and talents. Email me directly for more info on how to work with us on this grand new adventure!


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