Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Coming Soon: Fine Tuning and Revamping AWC

To everyone who has supported the site throughout the years,

First let me take the time to say thank you so much for keeping the blog alive while I was on hiatus. It has been a real blast getting to know so many different gear companies throughout the world, and having a chance to try the gear that comes in is the cherry on top! AWC was a simple idea I had years ago when writing quick experiences of my gear adventures while writing on another social media site. A few readers and followers of that blog suggested I start a proper blog and so the Analog War Cry site was born! I've had some suggestions and constructive criticisms that I've taken into account and will be using to make the site even better. Look out the next couple months for changes to both the writing and look of the blog. I also have a bunch of new companies jumping on board which I'll be offering discounts for purchases on their pedals/gear. Audio bytes and podcasts will be making an appearance, as well as video demos get giveaways, artist features, and other fun stompbox features. Be on the lookout and keep on digging into the material.


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