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A secret weapon of such notable bassists as Bootsy Collins, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, and Tool’s Justin Chancellor, the Guyatone BR-2 Bottom Wah Rocker has become a highly sought prize on the used market. In response to this growing demand, we’ve reissued a limited 100-piece run of this funky little filter box...





Metal mainstay and long-time Maxon endorser Metal Mike Chlasciak is out on tour this month with Rob Halford’s solo band on the 2010 Ozzfest tour. We were able to grab Mike before he split to demo the new Maxon SM-9 Pro+ Super Metal pedal and talk about his rig.

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SM-9 Pro+


The awesome Little Dipper pedal from TWA gets a "spacey Cool" review from Phil Feser of Vintage Guitar Magizine.

Space Talk
The TWA LD-01 Little Dipper
- By Phil Feser for Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Based on a classic ‘70s design, TWA’s new LD-01 - with better tracking, quieter operation, and more vocal-like sounds – is not your run-of-the-mill auto-wah/envelope filter."

"Inside and out, this box is well-executed. It’s electronic elements include high quality PC boards, chassis-mounted Euro-style ¼” jacks, full-sized pots, and a true-bypass footswitch. Controls include Ascension, Inclination, Diffraction, and two internal mini-pots to control clean/effect blend and noise-gate threshold."

Little Dipper

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Tonebutcher and Analog War Cry are working together to bring you guys a special offer. Mention Analog War Cry when purchasing a Tonebutcher pedal and they will wave the shipping fee and include a free Tonebutcher t-shirt. This offer is available for all Tonebutcher models. To check out more info on the Tonebutcher line go to the address below. There are a handful of cool vids to check on their website. You can also use our Youtube search engine and type in Tonebutcher to check out the vids here on our website.


Stomp Under Foot
hand wired effects

Our friend Matt at Stomp Under Foot has just finished himself a fresh batch of his infamous Halo Benders. These boutique, hand built, high quality component pedals are in and ready to ship so make sure to pay Matt a visit and get yours. Above is a picture of a new color offer for the Halo Bender for you guys to check out, which I imagine is only one of the options this pedal is available in. Matt is also in the process of building five 73' Ram's Head pedals, three 76' Ram's Head pedals, and one Tri-Dirty Booster which will be available in about two weeks. A few of these pedals are not yet spoken for so get in there kids! You can visit Stomp Under Foot at the address below.

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