Monday, July 5, 2010

Super Tool

One thing I am absolutely greatful for these days is the number of amazing tools that is available to us players. Thinking back on when I first started playing music compared to how it is now sure is like day and night. Today we have a endless number of talented companies bringing us just about everything needed to make our music adventures sound and perform their best. Probes Pedals is definitely one of the companies that comes to mind when thinking of player friendly, no-frills, and straight-to-the-point gear. "Shut up and Play" is damn right! I could not have said it better myself. I had a chance to get down and dirty with one of the Probes Pedals 5-channel Super Loopers. Now, I've been playing for quite some time, have used lots and lots of different gear, and have tried everything under the sun to make my playing experience as comfortable as possible. Boy oh boy have I been missing out! Pay attention kids, this is a piece of gear you won't want to go without.


Probes Pedals
5-Channel Super Looper

* Keeps your signal path clean
* Makes switching in & out of effects a cinch
* Let's you setup easily switchable presets
* Runs on the standard 9V (-) power adapter
* 100% passive audio path (power used for LED's)
* Enclosure constructed from 12 gauge aluminum
* Built with high quality components
* Available in standard or raw aluminum finish
* Choose from 5-8 channel versions


You go out and hunt down the mother of all dirt boxes, only to discover that some of it's mojo goes down the drain when linked up to your pedalboard. Or maybe there's a couple of different pedals you use to get one sound, soon finding out that it's not so easy to switch in & out of them when on the fly. Then there's the handful of tone-sucking pedals in your collection that do what they do so damn well, but just affect your root tone a bit too much. Or maybe you're just looking for a simple, neat, and player friendly way to setup your pedals. Any of this sound familiar? The Probes Pedals Super Looper combines 5-8 true bypass channels to create one of the coolest tone tools you will ever plug in to. Besides the obvious, which is taking your buffered pedals out of your direct signal, this box is capable of a lot more. Pay attention.

Nice & Neat

We all know the neater our setup, the more we'll want to play it. And the more we want to play it, the more we get done! As so on and so fourth... One of the most helpful uses I found for the Super Looper was simply to make my pedal switching easier. I grabbed five of my favorite boxes, set them up through the Super Looper, and got to steppin'. The pedal order from first to last was compressor-overdrive-fuzz-vibe/chorus-delay. On the front end of the looper I plugged in my wah and tuner, then out to my guitar. The other end went straight to my amp. Having all the pedals' switches setup on the same strip not only made things easier, but it kept things nice and neat. Up until I brought the Super Looper out to a gig with me I didn't realize just how beneficial it was to have everything lined up right in front of you. If you've ever had to deal with multi-layers, multi-rows of pedals you know how tuff things can get. This is only the start.

Keep That Signal Clean

Here is where this box went from cool.... to awesome! Keeping my tone as untampered and clean as possible is probably the most important thing on my list. The root tone that our guitar, amp, and cable creates is something that we try and try to keep as pure as possible. Some cats may not hear the difference between one pedal to the next, unless you're into things as much as I am. for those of us who can hear the difference the Super Looper makes all the difference in the world. Just to hear the difference I tried a few experiments. I lined up all buffered pedals, true bypass pedals, combos of the two, etc... Then I A/B'd them. The difference between the two could definitely be heard. In all the applications the Super Looper was able to keep my signal path clean and serene. This brought out the true character of both my pickups and amplifier, which made my overall tone sound dy-na-mite! All you purists, tone junky, tone fiends, and tone hounds will absolutely dig this pedal to the max.

Tricks of the Trade

One thing I dig more than anything is the mixing and matching of different stompboxes. The combining of two or more pedals is something that can bring you your own signature and unique tones, give your pedals a wider tonal palette, and most important keeps things interesting. If ever you've tried to switch in & out of more than one pedal you know how much of a pain in the ass it can be. Forget about trying it live. With the Super Looper I was able to easily and quickly set up a handful of great sounding presets, then switch in & out with absolute ease. One switch had my crispy and clean compressed/chorus effect, another switch I setup with a wild fuzz and reverb pedal, and another with a wah pedal for preset cocked wah settings. Rocking my pedals the way I've always wanted to has never been easier. For live applications I cannot suggest a better tool. Now you can take those cool multi-pedal sound effects that you create in the studio and take them anywhere you want. Until you try it you will not know how freakin' cool it is to have this much control at your feet. If you're looking for an affordable, quick and easy way to work your pedals to the max this is it.

The Super Looper is easily one of Analog War Cry's best finds and one of the most helpful pieces of gear we have ever gigged with. I'm happy to say that there is also fuzz box on the way from our good friends at Probes Pedals. The pedal is called the Burly Buzz and we hope to get a shot at putting it through it's paces. For more info on this pedal check out the Probes Pedals website. Stay tunes for more kids.


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