Thursday, July 8, 2010

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DDyna Music announces new pedal

Our good friends at DDyna Music have done it again! This time coming at us with what looks to be a stunning beast of a bass pedal. They could not have timed it better, the bass playing world is in need of some top notch tone tools to get the job done. The new DDyna Music pedal is called theBass 10 and it sports an array of jaw dropping features. If this badboy is anything like the past DDyna Music builds you guys can bet it will be a champion. In fact, I do not doubt it one bit that this pedal will absolutely kick ass. You can bet AWC will be taking a close look at what makes this monster tick, what makes it scream, and what makes it that thing it does. Below is some info on the Bass 10 from our buddies at DDyna Music. Dig it!!!


DDyna Music announces the BASS10 Compressor pedal.

EQ, compression and switchable overdrive in a double wide die-cast box, the BASS10 packs in plenty of tone versatility for bass and guitar players alike. As the first effects pedal in our “GainShaper Series”, it features 4-Band, 18dB/octave crossover EQ filters, musically soothing, relaxed squeeze compressor with auto-return to 0dB sustain, plus a switchable 2 level limiter overdrive with depth control for dialing just the right amount of distortion. Of course, is pure analog and true bypass. Operates from 12-18VDC (adapter included).

Bass 10

Street Priced at $289
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Located in Bothell Washington, DDyna Music provides tools and devices for music
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