Monday, February 1, 2010

February News & Updates


Another month in the books, and what a month it was. I hope you guys have been digging our Top Finds of 09 articles and hope you've had a chance to check some of the gear out for yourselves. In all my time as a musician I have never seen so much cool gear, it's as if the Gear Gods are smiling down upon us nonstop. Every few weeks another killer amp, beautiful guitar, unbelievable stompbox, or killer set of pickups gets thrown at us as if it's Christmas. Oh how I love it! It's been a blast looking back at and sharing with you guys all of the great gear that came through here last year. We've had a chance to check out some killer speakers, pickups, cables, pedals, pedals, and more pedals. Well we have a surprise for ya'll.... we're not done! Nooooo sir we're not. We still have a handful of amazing, mind blowing products to get through. The next few weeks will be put aside to bring you guys another run of what we think is some of the most awesome gear available today. We've got pickups, guitars, hardware, totally new products, and yes, more pedals! Another mission on the horizon for Analog War Cry is getting to some of the new and exciting products that were let loose on the world at NAMM a few weeks back. We will work our hardest to get out hands on as much new gear as possible and will make sure to keep ya'll up to date on any happenings of the gear world. With that said, let the fantabulous gear continue.

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