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My friend Tanaka of Ovaltone Handmade Effects Pedals has informed me that he will be reducing his pedal line and replacing the discontinued pedals with some new models. You can still get the MAGS (Marsh Additional Gain Stage) pedal, this is a very unique and awesome sounding pedal, check one out while you can. There is also one new pedal already in the horizon, the Terminus Overdrive. We will be doing a review of the Terminus Overdrive real soon so keep your eyes out for that. For more info on the Ovaltone pedal line change and to read up on exactly which pedals were discontinued go to www.ovaltone.net for more info. We did a review of the White Tiger Overdrive very early in our reviews, you can find that review in the Feb posts. Stay tuned for more news on Ovaltone pedals.


Ah yes! It's one of my all-time favorites, Dwarfcraft Devices. Can I get a "Rock to the Roll"?! It seems Ben Hinz has been up to some mischievous pedal designing of his own. If you guys aren't up on these pedals get with it and try one out, any one of the designs will keep you busy for a long long time. Below is the Dwarfcraft Devices latest press release, enjoy!

:New "Hair of the Dog" pedal:

Dwarfcraft Devices is excited to announce the release of another radical pedal. Hair of the Dog is a bass heavy super fuzzy distortion suited for bass, guitar, and baritone! Includes a noise gate, as well as a "clean/low" blend, allowing undistorted low frequencies through to your amp. Turning down your instrument's volume allows you to create a nice overdrive, too!

Featuring four sticker designs by Tom Ryan and cool top mounted jacks. Check out the video for the full effect! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkiE4FgfHxE (You can also use the Youtube Analog War Cry video search at the bottom of our site for more cool pedal videos).


* Fuzzy distortion made for deep voiced instruments

* Noise gate stops between note hissing, can also shorten decay

* Clean/low blend

* Printed Circuit Boards

* Rad art work

* Standard aluminum enclosure

* Pretty LEDs

* Price- $180


For those of you who have tried Evidence Audio cables you know how insanely great they sound. Analog War Cry recently had a chance to demo the Lyric HG instrument cable and Monorail patch cable, I must say we were highly impressed. The build quality is outstanding, the design solid, and most important the sound was crisp, full, perfectly balanced, and clean (no noise or hiss whatsoever). We will be writing an article on Evidence Audio and reviewing both the Lyric HG and Monorail cables later this month. For now here is an update on Evidence Audio's latest happenings.


San Juan Capistrano, California (October 1, 2009) – Evidence Audio, award-winning supplier of performance-based cable products to the Music Instrument and Studio market, introduces the Forte Instrument cable. The Forte offers a musician the best in flexibility, performance and reliability in one package. The Forte’s innovative design provides the quality of sound we are known for while maintaining the flexibility of common cables. One of the largest contributing factors to audio performance is the negative effect of conductor strand interaction. While the best way to eliminate strand interaction is to use solid-core conductors inside a cable, these conductors can reduce the overall flexibility of the cable. The Forte’s design greatly reduces the problems created by strand interaction. IGL-ECS™ conductors are used made from many individually insulated strands of high-purity copper to minimize electrical interaction, electromechanical modulation and skin-effect anomalies. The Forte additionally benefits from a semi-balanced geometry which avoids using the shield to carry the audio signal. The sound is powerful, dynamic and articulate, and ensures faithful transmission of your signal without coloration or dynamic compression. Designer Tony Farinella states “Where musicians demand the sound quality offered by Evidence Audio, without giving up the flexibility and feel they are accustomed to with traditional cables, the Forte is the logical solution.” The Forte is available in available from dealers prepared in 10, 15 and 20 foot lengths. A 10 foot Forte Cable has a United States MSRP of $105.00. The Forte is also available in custom lengths through authorized Evidence Audio Custom Shops. Photographs of The Forte for Print and Web can be found at: http://www.evidenceaudio.com/marketing/photographs/forte/


My good buddies at Effectrode have also been busy and continuing to build some of the best effects available today. Here's some news for ya'll...

4 things you should know about Effectrode Audiophile Pedals

1. Effectrode now has a Facebook, make sure to stop by and check it out. Here's the link, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Effectrode-Audiophile-Pedals/144988526444
Do watch this space as they will be putting information on their new
Raytheon subminiature tube pedals, the ongoing hi-fidelity stereo Binson project, tips, tube data and other useful stuff. They hope that customers will also contribute and let them know their favorite settings, pictures of pedalboards, etc...

2. The discussion forum is also back after many months of downtime. I had been experiencing severe technical difficulties which are still being resolved, so let me know if it gives you any trouble.

3. Ed Oleszko of Queensbury is now using the Effectrode Tube-Vibe pedal! These
guys create powerful melodies and crushing riffs and are heading right to the top - fast! Check them out at:
"Thank you again for your support Ed"

4. "Recently I had an email from a customer who had concerns that Effectrode was going the same way as many other big companies out there, losing the personal touch and not looking after it's customers. This is just to let you guys know that I'm 100% committed to dealing with any technical questions or issues you may have, even if it's not specific to my pedals. Effectrode is not a huge corporation, it's me (Phil), my wife Sam and a small team of enthusiastic professional engineers and musicians (Matt, Ron and John) doing everything to build the best effects pedals possible. We take a lot of pride in our work which is built, tested and hand assembled in Oregon, USA. I'd also like to add that customer satisfaction is important to me and I stand by every pedal we build. So if anything is bugging you (about my pedals - I can't accept responsibility for climate change, politicians, etc) let me know and we can work to "iron out" any
issues. Again, I'd like to thank our customers for their continuous support of Effectrode, your enthusiasm, suggestions and feedback are essential to drive the development effort forward."



My good friend Andrew of Rothwell Audio Products has been one busy busy bee. Here is a little info on what's happening with Rothwell right now. Can you dig it?

Love Squeeze continues to wow British press:
The Love Squeeze has had another two great reviews in British guitar mags. Guitar Buyer said “...this is one of the most tonally transparent compressor pedals we have come across.” The full review can be seen here http://www.rothwellaudioproducts.co.uk/html/guitar_buyer_love_squeeze_revi.html
and Guitarist said “... the Love Squeeze oozes quality tone” full review here http://www.rothwellaudioproducts.co.uk/html/guitarist_love_squeeze_review.html
Analog War Cry is still waiting for their shot at putting this pedal through it's paces, stay patient kids we will have one soon.

Hellbenders back in stock soon
The Hellbender has become very popular and demand has outstripped supply in the last couple of months so apologies to anyone who has been waiting for one. However, the good news is that we expect to have Hellbenders available for shipping again within the next two weeks.

New Videos
Pro Guitar Shop has been busy making more videos.
Here are a couple which are useful because they show clearly how the Atomic Booster and F1 Booster do different jobs.

For more info on new dealers, products, and more news go to the Rothwell website, you can click the Rothwell direct link in our sidebar.

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