Monday, August 17, 2009

Shoot'em down

Core One/Bullet Cable

When it comes down to playing music there's never anything wrong with throwing in a bit style into your setup. As a matter a fact, I wouldn't have it any other way. The Bullet Cables from Core One are definitely a cool way to add a killer retro look to your style. The over-sized telephone style coily cable first made it's way into the music scene in the 60's and 70's, at least that's when it became popular amongst many of the rock legends of that time. The difference between these and the vintage cables? These badboys are built to last, built to perform on a professional level, and come in just about every color to fit your personality.


Coil Cable

* Oversized Kink-free coils
* Polyethylene -potted .44 mag bullet connectors
* 99.99% oxygen-free copper conductors
* Spiral shielding in a coaxial design/for clear, defined tone
* Corrosion -resistant 24K gold-plated connector tips
* Custom voiced for both bass, guitar, and keyboards
* Expands to 30 feet/9.14 Meters

Times have once again changed for the way players go about achieving their sound. With the sudden "boutique" craze of the last couple years musicians have really become aware of what works for them and what doesn't. For years only studio cats and professional musicians knew and had access to high-end cable. Many companies in the last decade have started offering their cables to everyone, and many have sprung up to build their own spin on these fantastic tone tools. The one company that stands out from all these is Core One, not only are they building a great sounding cable but they've taken a classic killer looking design and turned it into a worldwide favorite. Many of today's bands and players such as Queens of the Stone Age, System of a Down, Paul Gilbert, Mike Watt, and even Prince are using the coiled Bullet Cables. Core One also produces totally custom cut-to-length cables kits, unique & cool connectors, amazing guitar straps, acoustic guitar cables, and many more sweet products. But the focus for today is their Bullet Cables. I had a chance to put these popular cables to the test and was able to hear first hand how well they preserve your tone #1, and 2nd how freakin cool they look playing them. The coiled design isn't just there for style though, there's a purpose to this slick design. How much does it suck when you're playing a perfect kickass show and run across the stage only to trip over someone's guitar cable and end up looking like a lame? Not much fun at all. The purpose for the coily design back in the day and with these new and improved Core One Bullet Cables is to prevent these random accidents. The cables stretch out to 30 feet and their tuff and rugged build keeps them from easily being damaged. We also tested the cables in out little studio to check and see just how well they stand up to large pedalboard setups. Cats these days (including me) tend to go big when it comes to pedals on their boards. With the average pedal setup with no noticeable tone loss being 3-4 pedals, it can be ruff when using the wrong cable. We started first with 10 pedals, went up to 15, and then setup two entire boards which ended up being a total of 22 pedals. In the end the Bullet Cable was able to hang and keep the signal strong, defined, and balanced. For those of you who keep it old school with their setups, straight guitar-cable-amp, this is also a great cable. With some of the cheaper cables we used the outcome was ugly ugly. The first place to look for tone sucking is in the clarity, sometimes your tone will sound like there's a blanket over it. You also begin to lose tight lows, your highs get shrill, and your mids become non-existent. There's been times when I hit a guitar shop, play some awesome pedal, decide to take it home only to find out it doesn't respond the way it did in the shop. This was how I first learned of high quality cables and haven't turned back since. With Bullet Cables you'll get to kill two birds with one stone, sound great and look good doing it. The average player might not notice the difference basic and high-end cable, but us cats that take it to the next level (tone chasers) will always be aware. And it's like they say, the tape never lies. Get down with some extra hip, sweet sounding cables. Bullet Cables baby ;^)


For more info on Core One Creative Inc. products please them on the web at or click the logo in our links. Let'em hear you scream!

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