Monday, August 3, 2009

Bringing us the tools to get the job done

There are many site's out there with tons of great gear for sale. With a quick google you will find a handful of websites offering up just about everything out there, whether it be pedals, amps, or guitars. But when it comes to effects one website comes to mind....Tone Factor! Not only do they offer one killer line-up of great effects, but they also have a fantastic Youtube channel with tons of video demos. When it comes to buying pedals there's one thing we pedal junkies must have, that is info. The videos are all done very straight up and give us a great insite on each product. Their website is very informative and very easy to to get around on, it's been my experience with some of these gear websites where I just get lost in a sea of useless information and advertisements. Tone Factor's main focus is effects and they do it damn well. You will find just about every boutique name, underground company, and one-man operation on Tone Factor's site. If your thing is discovering some cool new gear this is a great place to check out, and if you need some info on the pedal you're interested in just go to their Youtube channel and pull up the vid. You can't go wrong! Great gear, killer info, and before I forget, spot-on customer service. Below you'll find some of my favorite vids from the Tone Factor Youtube channel. Enjoy and remember...Let'em hear you scream!!!

For more info on Tone Factor go to or visit their Youtube channel at

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