Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Updates 2010

Analog War Cry

Wow! What a busy busy schedule we've had around here the last couple months. The crazy cool gear just keeps on coming, and more and more amazing builders keep popping out of nowhere. I really thought 2010 was going to be mellow as far as new and innovative gear goes, but that has not been the case. I'm still discovering cool pedal companies weekly, still come across great guitar builders, and am trying my best to bring you guys some of the sweet amp companies that are floating around today. This month on AWC will be a wide variety of different types of gear, we will of course have plenty of killer stompboxes to show you but we will also be writing on some pickups, guitars, some stunning cable companies, and lots of other great sounding gadgets. I also have another Builder Feature, a new band to turn you onto, and we will be starting a column known as The Tricks of the Trade. Our new column will be focused around bringing you guys tips on how to get great tones out of some of the amazing products that are out there, and on our experiences in the studio. Please keep emailing us with your questions and support, we really dig hearing what you guys have to say. To those of you we haven't been able to get back to we will do so asap. So strap on your axes and get ready for battle, this month is gong to kick major ass!

Drumming for Omission 2009



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