Monday, November 1, 2010

Nov: News/Updates

Xotic Effects
Interview and Demo with Gannin Arnold

My good friends over at Xotic Effects/Pro Sound Communications have got a real treat for you guitar lick loving, rock & roll digging, riff till dawn guitar lovers. Xotic has added another awesome interview/gear demo with another one of today's inspiring and extremely talented guitar players, Griffin Arnold! Griffin demos Xotic and EWS pedals such as the AC & RC Boosters, Brute Drive, Arion Chorus w/Mod, and Fuzzy Drive. There are also some great live performances and a lot lot more. Make sure to check it out!

Check out the rest of the rest of the videos here


The Cats at IK Multimedia have released their newest version of the iPhone/iTouch Amplitube App
Below are some of the new features found on Amplitube version 2

  • New recorder with insert FX and re-amping
  • New speedtrainer to slow down/speed-up imported songs
  • Enhanced sound quality derived from AmpliTube 3
  • Import songs directly from your iPod library on your device
  • Import songs directly from iTunes with file sharing
  • Export recordings to iTunes as WAVs with file sharing
  • Send recordings by email as MP3s
  • New preset naming
  • New set-up panel with input/output settings and metering
  • Now settings can be retained after closing the app
  • Keep playing with the app in background with multi-tasking  

There are also new in-app purchases for expanding your playing and recording experience

  • New 4-track recorder with pan, volume, send FX and insert FX + New Master FX section with ReverbEQ and Compressor (available for only $9.99/EUR7.99)
  • 5 New Stomps effects suitable for playing or recording guitar, bass or any other type of instruments or vocals:Compressor, ReverbParametric EQGraphic EQ and Limiter (available for only $2.99/EUR2.39 each)

For more info on Amplitube 2 for iPhone/iTouch click here


Now Available from our fantastic friends at Strymon, is the mighty mighty 
El Capistan dTape Echo

The cats at Strymon have been working day and night to bring another batch of these fantastmic boxes. So go on ahead and head over to the Strymon online store and get yourself your El Capistan dTape Echo. Can you dig it!?

Strymon is also on Facebook so make sure to stop by and add them to your group of friends. You can keep track of all their news, events, contests, and other cool happenings. Go to for more info.

For those of you Strymon pedal playing rockers, join Strymon on Youtube and be a part of their Playlists. There you can see a little of what players are doing with these fantastic pedals. For more info on the Strymon Youtube channel go to

And last but not least... Congrats to whomever is the winner of the Strymon El Capistan that the cats over at Huge Racks gave away!


Sonoma Wire Works bringing us
AudioCopy/AudioPaste Software to Help us Share Audio

Sonoma Wire Works, creators of the 
FourTrack iOS app and the Mobile Audio Product Interaction (MAPI) 
Program, has released the AudioCopy/AudioPaste Software Development Kit v1.2 for iOS audio app developers. Apps that support AudioCopy/AudioPaste now include a pasteboard history of up to 12 items with audio previews. Users can make up to 12 copies of audio, then launch an AudioPaste app, and paste from any of those 12 copies. The AudioCopy/AudioPaste pasteboard includes meta data such as tempo, file format, name of app copied from, duration, and more. Forty apps from fifteen publishers have implemented AudioCopy and/or AudioPaste and more are coming soon. The AudioCopy AudioPaste SDK code license is free, downloadable, and includes source code, optional UI, instructions, a license agreement, an example app, and a link to a demo video to help developers implement the features into their apps easily. 

To check out more info and some of the AudioCopy and/or AudioPaste compatible apps click here.

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