Friday, October 1, 2010

October 2010: News & Updates

- Analog War Cry Welcomes JH Audio -

For those of you looking for a proper set of IEM's (in-ear monitors) look no further. JH Audi0's in-ear designs are the tip-of-the-top notch. They offer both 2-way and 3-way driver sets, totally custom, and in a handful of different models to suite your specific sonic needs. These pro level in-ears will not only make life on the stage much easier, but also bring your daily listening pleasures to the highest peaks. For more info on JH Audio click on the link below or the JH Audio logo in our sidebar. Also make sure to look out for our review and feature on JH Audio in the near future.


- AWC / Tonebucther Special -

Tonebutcher and Analog War Cry are working together to bring you guys a special offer. Mention Analog War Cry when purchasing a Tonebutcher pedal and they will wave the shipping fee and include a free Tonebutcher t-shirt. This offer is available for all Tonebutcher models. To check out more info on the Tonebutcher line go to the address below. There are a handful of cool vids to check on their website. You can also use our Youtube search engine and type in Tonebutcher to check out the vids here on our website.


- From Our Friends at Amplified Musican -

All bands have one thing in common - their music! Understanding how important it is for musicians to get the word out about their bands, we sponsored the creation of, an online community of musicians where bands can be seen and heard. is a website dedicated to showcase bands and their music. On you can create your own band profile, upload pictures, music, and link to videos, as well as announce your upcoming shows. Your profile acts as a hub for your fans to stay updated on what is new with your band and for new fans to discover what your band is all about – all in one place and completely free!

We believe it is important for all bands, regardless of fame or fortune, to have the opportunity to be discovered, so whether you are a band or just a fan of bands, come on – take a look - register today at


Vail Johnson
- Xotic Interview/Demo -

Interview and live video clips by Vail Johnson (Bassist for Kenny G) have been uploaded into Reality Web Video section. Check out Clip #1 here with Vail demoing the Xotic XJ-1T 5-String Bass. The rest of the vids you can find at the link below, or just use our Youtube search engine at the bottom of our site.

For the rest of the Vail Johnson Vids click here:

For more Xotix vids click here:


- blueskyReverberator Now Available -

New comer Strymon releases the blueskyReverberator reverb pedal. For those of ya'll who aren't familiar or haven't had any experience with these pedals - Go Out and Try Them! We here at AWC got to put a few of these pedals through their paces and were very very impressed with each one's capabilities and sounds. In fact, we will be featuring some Strymon stompboxes this month so make sure to look out for that. I would imagine the new blueskyReverberator will kick much ass and probably end up becoming a favorite amongst players. We will see and report back to you once we get our hands on one.

Oh! Before we forget. Go to the Dolphin Street website for your chance to win one of these badboys. Just click on the link below to read more info on this contest. Good luck!


- A/DA Back on the Scene -

For the last couple months we have all been patiently waiting for the return of A/DA and their oh-so famous Flanger. A/DA will be meticulously building each reissue Flanger by hand, keeping with the same circuit, components, and techniques, just the way they did it way back when. I myself have never owned an original and have only really played one a handful of times. But one thing I can say is - This baby ain't about no hype or tomfoolery. Hopefully we will be able to get our hands on the new reissue A/DA Flanger sometime soon. Stay tuned for more and make sure to visit the A/DA Amplification website for more info.

For more information:

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