Monday, March 1, 2010

March News & Updates


What a sweet couple months we just went through. We got to share lots and lots of great gear with ya'll and had a chance to discover some new companies we know you guys will enjoy. There are still a bunch of companies that have been lingering out there for a quite a while that we're yet to feature, but we will get to them asap. I was quite surprised at all the great gear that 2010 brought along with it, in fact I think it's one of the best year's for music gear to hit home in a long time. Cats aren't just focusing on pedals pedals pedals anymore, no sir! Take a look around and you'll notice the scene has brought us a bunch of amazing new amp companies, handmade guitar brands, and a bunch of cool gadget builders that have found a way to bring strange and wonderful sounding tools. So this month we will try and bring you as much new gear as possible and share with you those companies that have been hanging around the last few years. There is also the so many stunning products that we haven't had a chance to get around. I also have some more cool bands and artists I think you guys dig. Please keep on shooting us your emails with any info to products you think we should check out or with any questions you may have on gear to check out yourselves. I gotta feeling this is going to be one kickass month!

Photo by.
Tanya Sakolsky


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  1. Alfie,
    Try to make it to Austin this weekend. You look like you could use a vacation! I'll put you on the guest list if you think you are coming.
    Later, Loni