Sunday, January 10, 2010

Top Finds of 2009 / CoreX2 DIY Kit

One of the most useful products we came across last year was this top of the line DIY cable kit from our good friends at Core One Creative. It's all fine and dandy to have a killer top notch setup, but if you don't have some quality cables to run your gear through you might as well just keep that gear at home. There was a time when I thought it didn't matter what cable I used, as long as it worked it was good enough for me. All of that changed a few years back when I was introduced into the world of top grade cables. After switching to high quality cables the difference in my tone was off the hook, like it had been truly unleashed for the first time. Today Core One Creative is one of the leading manufactures of high quality cables, and for good reason too. My first experience with Core One Creative's products was the Bullet Cable line, and from then on it has been all lovely. Core One offers everything from electric and acoustic instrument cables, to speaker and microphone cables. If you're on the hunt to give your setup the cable facelift, this would be a great place to start.


Core One Creative, Inc.
Torrance, CA
President: Ted McCann
CEO: Kimmy McCann
Years in the Game: 8

GK-20 Premium DIY Cable Kit

* 2 Straight connectors with 24K gold-plated tips
* 8 Angle connectors with 24K gold-plated tips
* 1 Self-retracting cutter blade
* 1 Hex Key
* 20 ft (6.1m) of cable w/CoreX2 Technology
* Lab formulated jacket for heavy stage use
* 99.9% Oxygen-free copper conductors
* Quad-balanced design rejects RFI/EMI noise
* Carbon impregnated shield
* Multi-gauge wire
* Wide 20Hz - 40kHz ± 0.5dB frequency response
* Lifetime warranty


Of all the solderless cable that is floating around out there today this CoreX2 stuff is by far some of the best. Both the cable and connectors in this DIY kit are built to last, sound spectacular, and setting this stuff up is as easy as pie. Once you have your pedalboard plan worked out all you do is measure, cut, and assemble. It couldn't be easier. The 2 straight and 8 angled connectors make for an accurate and tidy job. If you're looking to put together some custom length, top quality instrument cables you can do that also. All in all there is no way to go wrong with this stuff, whether you use it for pedals or guitar cables you're all good.

I was in desperate need of a smaller gigging board. So when the CoreX2 DIY Kiy landed on our doorstep I was super stoked. The enormous setup I had been using for small gigs was really beginning to be a pain in the butt. With the CoreX2 DIY Kit I was able to put together a perfect 6 stompbox pedalboard with no problem. I used the kit for all the pedal connections and plugged Bullet Cables at each end to connect from my guitar to the board and from the board to the amp. The exact setup for those of you who are curious was; Wah-Compressor-Overdrive/Dist-Tremolo-Delay-Tuner. This pedal setup has ended up being the perfect little board and has got me through some awesome gigs. The quality in the sound that the CoreX2 cable has been able to provide me with is stunning. If you've never had the luxury of setting up a custom pedalboard with solderless cable you're missing out. Core One Creative engineered this cable to produce the best sound possible and I'd say they hit it right on the mark. The sound of all my pedals ever since I swapped in the CoreX2 cable has been crystal clear, and without any noise or loss of character. When you go out and buy that perfect overdriver, or delay, or whatever it may be, you want to be sure it delivers at it's fullest. I don't know how much I have to stress that good cable is just as important as a good amp, hot guitar, or killer set of pickups. I A/B'd some generic brand cable up against the CoreX2 cable and the difference was like day and night. The generic cable created this muddy layer of film that ate away all the brilliance and attack of my playing. It was as if a wall was standing between me and my speakers, very very ugly sounding. Then we switched to the CoreX2 cable and it was like the sun was shining through bright and clear. The thing that makes a great pedal or guitar great is those little nuances, those little hints of magic that separates them from all other pedals and guitars. In order to unleash the true character of any great piece of gear you need great cable. In every situation I put it up against the CoreX2 cable was helpful. For the price you can't beat it. This is one of the quickest and simplest ways to upgrade your sound without breaking the bank or loosing an arm or a leg. Check some of this stuff out, you'll be stoked you did.


For more info on CoreX2 and all Core One Creative products go to or click the link in our sidebar. Make sure to keep an eye out for more from this killer company, we have some more great products from Core One coming soon. Dig it!

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