Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hello friends, gear freaks, pedal junkies, and amp fiends. I hope you all got a chance to tune in to our podcasts last month, hope you dug our features, and no, we're not done! That's right, we're going to be continuing the Pedal Hunt right into the month April, there are just too many damn killer pedals out there to stop now. March was a goldmine find of stompboxes for us, I have never been so lucky as to come upon so many passionate builders, these are cats who truly put their hearts into their work and think like we think. We all know how magical the right kind of pedal can be, how special a tone can be shaped with the correct tools. I have to tell you guys I honestly believe that the last few years has produced some of the sweetest tone shaping tools the music playing community has scene since the golden era. So get ready to set your ears upon another month of great sounding gear. We'll also be featuring pickups for the first time, that's right, we'll be premiering some really cool boutique pickup companies we all think you will benefit from. You know we're gonna keep it real underground and gritty too, like many of the pedal builders we come across these cats also work right from home and are usually one-man operations. We'll be holding our first giveaway this month, what we'll be dishing out and how to win'll just have to wait and see. Keep subscribing, keep on posting your comments, and please keep sending us your emails with your thoughts. Enjoy!


  1. I should have known you were a telecaster guy too =)

    Sincerely, You old Pal Aen

  2. that photograph looks awfully familiar ;)